Tim Yu – 2 Postcard Poems

Tim Yu

2 Postcard Poems
from Postcard Poems:  Cassie Lewis & Tim Yu

Astronauts Drinking Tequila on the Moon

never worry about irony, looking
out over an abandoned planet.  Self-
employed and sugar-bombed, 12
dancing tow-trucks tell us: “There’s
no shame in knowing your limits.”
There have been no reported cases of death
from plagiarism, though imitation
is bad for the knees.  This is
it.  If you begin to plummet
uncontrollably, take two parts salt
and mix until dissolved, then drink.
You can use these objects: paper
cup, scissors, voice mail and thought.


Women Who Dared: Day 17

Hospital emergency
doors: two, broken,
linger, not down.
Shed stranger war
to hard face.  So is it
life without struggle?
Why that?  Is unarmed
foreign the fight we,
instead of battles
with war, going to
own our false
(Oakland CA 946 PM
24 JAN 2003)


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