Peter Davis – Two Poems

Peter Davis

Two Poems

Poem in Which the Occasion for Writing Is Addressed


Poem in Which I Thank the Reader and Express a Beautiful Hope

I am very appreciative that you’ve taken the time to
read this poem this far. I hope you like it. Let me
know what I can do to improve it. I know that we all
have different tastes and different ideas about what
comprises good writing. Hopefully, we can agree in
this instance. If you have very strong feelings about
it, one way or another, you should write a review of
the book in which this poem appears. If this poem is
being published in a journal and you are unaware that
it is also in a book, you should look it up. It is
possible it is not yet a book. You could even try
reaching me or something. You could Google me. A
review would really be nice. Something formal so that
I feel it’s legitimate. I’m actually only
half-interested in this poem so far, but I’m also
feeling a small mania about it. I have reason to
believe that I’m very very good and that you’re
leaning closer and closer and closer and that at any
particular instant you may kiss me on the cheek.

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