Jennifer Dannenberg – 2 Postcard Poems

Jennifer Dannenberg

2 Postcard Poems
from Postcard Poems:  Jennifer Dannenberg & Cassie Lewis


the worry of fall
the maddeningly slow
reddening of trees this year
they’re waiting to see how long
it will all last and should they bother

a pure substance, a pure word
is all it takes to make
eye, flower, fracture, leaf
into a separate walled area


If you weren’t devouring something
hard-hit by this car accident
maybe lie down with a heating pad to the head?

pride goeth and all that teasing about
the good driver discount
pride gives and takes anyway
the lion’s share of guilt
my remorse and big fat insurance premiums.

the odds someone in a car won’t
have insurance or a license
the odds, yes, the odds

glad no one’s hurt, oh really real,
our bodies so luck luck lucky
knees like whole branches

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