William Corbett – Pair of Jacks

William Corbett

Pair of Jacks

Jack, Jack T-Bone, Thibault
Jack Sirloin? Last-Name-Escapes-Me
Who played one of the brothers
Opposite Clint Eastwood
In Escape from Alcatraz,
A cop in 48 Hours
One joke Jack
“What is an Apollinaire?
A man with a million Apollos.”
He lied every time
He told the story
Of how Jack Spicer
Died in his arms.
Something calculating
Certainly demanding in Spicer’s
Originality would have loved
The story this Jack made of his dying
Not in San Francisco General’s
Alcoholic ward where he croaked,
“My vocabulary did this to me”
But alone with Jack the Actor
Who carried him to the elevator,
The kind closed with a grate,
Up to whatever floor Spicer,
Dead weight in his arms,
Lived alone on and he died
Wordless or Spicer said to Jack
The my vocabulary exit line,
Jack who escaped from Alcatraz
With Clint Eastwood another
Son of Southern California

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