Justin Chin – O Sweet Cookie

Justin Chin

O Sweet Cookie

You have the character and determination to realize hopes and
will marry soon.

                                      knife edge
                  dangle precarious

Discover your companion’s world.  Two worlds are richer than


One is your lucky number.

                                            lie in state

                  between knife and heart

Your lover will never leave you.

                            blood(y) space

Trust him, but still keep your eyes open.

                  cut           remain           in blood

You are next in line for promotion in your firm.

                  space between words
                            mere purpose           no fate

The eyes believe themselves, the ears believe other people.


                            start with

Good health will be yours for a long time.

                  : cut heart               endure

It’s an excellent day for dusting.  Start with a few old

                  : fuck heart               exists

You should not return to the past to revive an old

                  : divide heart               permanence

You will do well to expand your business.

                  : perform surgery on heart               salvage

You are careful and systematic in your business arrangements.

                  : bleed poison from heart               liberate

You will make many changes before settling satisfactorily.

                            ends       always ends
                                                    on heart

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