Brandon Brown – 2 Poems

Brandon Brown

2 Poems

E Pode 7

a turquoise icicle quote ruts us
six torn deed pennies strut an A.C.
mr. non pun pumps, ate quite a case.
I, nuts, unstrum a sinus pilferage.
a chateaubriand rents IV—no pus—
emaciates error, runs U.S.
Tut abdicates, turns a sun unit.
Anastasia cedes truce, nets a VCR.
A CA deed rsvps us, thrums moon tutu.
here I spur exacerbated rust
I’m, quip it Lulu, senescence hoof
mini-sins squirm up a bad urn fire
sir, run a sour “five capacitance”
mr. no pus encapsulated
ascertainable loft purls a ton,
sure, Clemente nets a pup-quest
a catamaran cab refuge? it’s so-so
U.S. squints at fleece cane, errs
I’m mr. in ms. tux, interfertile
O sore suitor, a cubic perm.

E Pode 8

whet whether, strenge of comfort throw. the reeding gerden
ps opportunity triid
Yoa interrogate me longly partied and yoe to do
n isn’t virile while meanwhile
ehead, and terpid anes in between arid ass
asts with thee queality of thee
y tuesday! mekang found craed supper exemple.
nd axilad calvas add it ep
dentristry rotund load to ambulate is bluck und
lowed out into your seinle forehead,
enganuety tha mouth at all labors et es to y
us and axilad calvas ac
potrid breasts with the quality of the teats of e
d femors tremendoos and ex
yoe and sit married with more rotend pearls yoer lo
provoke reqeries ingeneity the moeth
to ambulata so what t
tot only not is my panis illitarata
eralwhere they triumphantly

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