Tim J Brennan – elegy (for Michele 1972

Tim J Brennan

elegy (for Michele 1972

in the northeast corner
of the city, near the railroad
tracks, a simple kick
of an empty coffee can
rang out in my darkness,
daring someone to find me

sometimes we sat in dirt
drawing tomorrow, rarely
speaking of yesterday’s
skinned knee. or potatoes

i was in love with the blonde

often we dangled legs
from the train overpass,
passing engines iron dragons
smoking of diesel, acrid
in our noses. it was enough

we walked split rails, held hands
defied gravity with balance
kissed only once in thick
shadows of dry elm trees

dutch elm took the trees
as quickly as junior high
lunch periods. as Michele

what calling of my childhood
dares to raise its voice
to the grave of a single leaf?

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