Taylor Brady – A Single Sample Out of Phase . . .

Taylor Brady

A Single Sample Out of Phase . . .

          . . . and echoes ready for the undertaking,
          anything at all, anything at all.

Yes, according to the game of weakest links.
And yes, this idiotic word you think to use,
but mostly just repeat. No trifling Waterloo, yes
re-educated smallest possibles of same. Yes,
there’s this reserve parlor drama army but then yes,

but no constructing your past life by its obsessive
recitation over each and every harmed nod quirked
into the detailed list of difficult techniques
and difficulties “merely” technical. Are you yes
or no or not aware of one productive angle
or another on the pitch, yes acute and no grave
indifferently yes by means of others’ soft hands,
deep nap of baby fat upon which laws of voice
leading etch their deep, needling yes in
harmonizing verticals, holding bodies rigid
in the stippled script. Yes and no to that notation.
Yes and no precisely played as scored. Temperamental
affirmation making music of its ideology,
product of the “necessary ordering” of no

                        perception but the making
                        people to believe, scab
                        contract for construction

            of a theater, fundamental attribution
            of the organized symphonic swelling small.

Then backing up in loading zones of sensuality,
the gladiolas, bougainvillea, and azaleas
of misremembered infancy burst buds
and flower into functionalist speech. Which was
all along my goal: a discourse folding infamy
into the skillful paper-folder’s fame. But no
debased to standard same of yes, the well-built word
built well ahead of schedule, over budget. Slender and
urbane, the knowing nudge. Precise amount of thing

                                              goring someone in the field
                                              recording, someone in the field
                                              recording just that thing. Yes you must
                                              remember all of it. No you must.

          That stem your predecessor at regret.
          Publicly removed, but never mind.
          Flagrant guidelines help ensure huge fees
          for having pencilled in a number, any one at all,
          after sounding out the useless topsoil’s depth.
          Conflict knocks attention into quarters
          of the fiscal year, the city, or the wind.

          The state of nature is the tremor to implode
          conceptual parity, right down to its full range
          of housing units now available for rent.
          Then yes or no, the real outstripped
          loony, positive matter’s mystic blank
          Taylorized way-it-ought-to-be.

                      Unfortunate Airstream architecture
                      supports extinction equally. In a second
                      architecture, post-surrender electronics

                                  calibrate device malfunction
                                  with a social, satisfying thump.

The dot screen hum to filter the anterior is “it” –
so wet it only sets across the little blank of years,
a big-ass dumb accomplishment.

Here’s detail brave and ready for the mobile occupation —
accommodate this promiscuous image, bent to scale.

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