Elisabeth Blair – Gertrude lemon bar

Elisabeth Blair

Gertrude lemon bar

This piece houses what may be the smallest person
on earth. A careful inspection of the interior brings to light
the tiny being, walking in the tiny ‘bar’
which has been crafted and painted meticulously so as to represent
an actual life-size bar, replete with barstools, drinks, and a television.
The live individual within the enclosure is somewhat dormant,
and walks only between the hours of 1200 and 1600.
The remainder of the day is spent prostrate on the floor by the stools.
The person may be mistaken for a doll when at rest. However, the amount
of detail that would be required to artificially render such an exquisite figure
(which takes the form of an unclothed human woman)
makes it highly unlikely that a viewer could remain under
the wrong impression for any significant amount of time.

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