Anselm Berrigan – New Jersey Transit Diary

Anselm Berrigan

New Jersey Transit Diary

phosphorescent hi-
ho kicks unknown or mine and
that’s not a come on

hi-ho kicks open
me too? Aren’t painfully
limited always

rail ride to fire at
felicity enemy
eye whites will not get

metaphysics pain
fully limited didn’t
see them commuters

because felici
ty msg caused an un
kind rash bills to make

scented hi-ho kicks
so painfully limited
put it here yoghurt

phone in feli
city ear speaking out to
love upsets phosphor

see them elicit
when we leave felicity’s

room love bills yoghurt

felicity’s two
tvs say to each painfully
limited didn’t

pig phosphorescent
hi-ho kicks are felici
ty’s museum mile

me cranky breeze car
ries uptown dog shit scent a
cross my be well beak

kicks parents’ ashes
in felicity closet
my film teacher flipped

seed like a fine pow
under glass urn don’t put phos
phorescent hi-ho

ed didn’t see them
owls’ rubber plant underneath
“Patrick Henry” then

limited saw pic
ture lacked $12.95 kicks
painfully limit

hi-ho kicks died he
roically on a hurt
ling through space sized rock

rescue in still wa
ter felicity’s comics
say phosphorescent

what felicity
say is it groovy in phos
phorescent hi-ho kicks

limited puke so
much information all o
ver felicity

be understood by
felicity average
person, why did painfully

person this poem sends
a fairly gratifying
diseased self out to

didn’t see them my
black corduroy sleeve feli
city average

prefer to wipe fe
licity conure make pain
fully limited

can painfully lim
ited love phosphorescent
hi-ho kicks little pig

not showering its
frame with love phosphorescent
hi-ho kicks knows how

when felicity
birdy breaks its skull drilling
demon voice a fair

kicks are always en
tering without reason to
leave that door unlocked

felicity pipes
blue snow? blue light spread over
New Brunswick snuff melt

sition little bird
green head under chin in fe
licity pipes? In

see them a bitchy
conure who crawdad beanbag
crawl down shirt belly

see them process in
felicity pipes painful
ly limited did

felicity throngs
painfully limited did
n’t see them deter

fairly gratify
ing disease elsewhere no core
painfully lim

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