Stephanie Barber – 5 from SOME PHOTOGRAPHS

Stephanie Barber


This must be an American town, a flood. a few men in a boat are dressed in suits—1940’s? Fashion is a reliable temporal marker but I am uneducated in this field so I cannot read its clear indication. In the photograph water is up past the porches of the homes and the street is just a river. it could be the south or it could be Iowa. I have some connections to Iowa. I have fear of floods and fires and tornados and riots and spiders and wars over water and car accidents and death and fear.

A baseball man with his left arm up, exaggerating his body-ness.

Tigers stretched out in the sun like bikini models with frightening come hither looks.

I remember I thought it was the saddest thing that anything ever had to die. But I was very young. Look at my hair just hanging there.

In this one a girl has her whole face inside of a large plastic horn bell. It is unclear if this bright yellow bell would was designed for listening or projecting the voice. The child seems to think it will project her very visage into some heretofore unknown future and I guess it has.

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