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S H A M P O O   32

Jim Behrle is the National Chairman of Edmund Berrigan for President for America for ’08 Campaign.  the latest book he read was Glad Stone Children by Edmund Berrigan.  Jim lives in Brooklyn, New York, the city where Edmund Berrigan also lives.

Bill Berkson is a poet and critic who lives in San Francisco and New York.  his latest books include Gloria (with etchings by Alex Katz); Our Friends Will Pass Among You Silently; a collection of criticism, The Sweet Singer of Modernism & Other Art Writings; What’s Your Idea of a Good Time?: Interviews & Letters 1977-1985, with Bernadette Mayer; Sudden Address: Selected Lectures 1981-2006; and Bill, a words-and-images collaboration with Colter Jacobsen.

longing for an Ohio city even closer to Kentucky, Joshua Butts bought a piece of land in Cheviot.  there, he raises burdock and searches for a free piano.

Todd Colby was recently voted #1.  he keeps a blog called Glee Farm.

the son of white trash asphyxiation, CAConrad is the author of Deviant Propulsion (Soft Skull, 2006), The Book of Frank (Chax, 2008), (Soma)tic Midge (FAUX, 2008), and a collaboration with poet Frank Sherlock, The City Real & Imagined: Philadelphia Poems (Factory School, 2008). He can be found at PhillySound.

Ryan Courtwright hails from Northern California and is a senior at USF presently applying to grad schools.  he’s been working a lot to get a manuscript ready and has had some phenomenal help.  he knows well that all life’s lessons can be learned from Bond films.

Jennifer Dannenberg teaches high school English in Oakland.  she enjoys the rain.

Ian Davisson gets a lot of junk mail.  he doesn’t get a lot of hugs and kisses.  puppy-dogs are nice too.  check his alternate bios at other websites.

Melissa DeGezelle was once snapped nanny, now nine months pregnant and losing her hair.  she is attempting to finish her MFA at Brooklyn College before it all falls out.  freaking hormones.  shampoo doesn’t help.  maybe baby will.

Amanda Deutch is a poet, whose work has appeared in various online and print journals including Watchword, Barrow Street, and 580 Split.  peripatetic for the last two years, Deutch was most recently living in France and Portugal.  her new book, a noir detective poem, is seeking a publisher.  upon returning to the United States, she was disappointed to see so many television sets, self help books, and condominiums.  she really hates condos.

Melissa Dickey enjoys the close observation of insects and other live phenomena.  she lives in New Orleans.

Claire Donato recently moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Oakland, California to be an unpaid intern.  she does not miss the East Coast’s snow and ice.  Claire is
a contributing editor for The New Yinzer
, a character in I Think We Should See Other People
, and a
mediocre-but-enthusiastic knitter.

Deja Earley. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yuri Hospodar lives in Australia among the fairy penguins and death adders.  thus far he has survived.

Aby Kaupang could not choose a format for her bio so she google-ed one and it said she should not be bland and should always use the third person.  she promises to give you five Boggs dollars (homemade) if you write a good one for her.

Kevin Killian has written two novels, Shy and Arctic Summer, and “A—Z Story” comes from a third, Spread Eagle, which he started in 1990 and is trying to wrap up in a hurry.

reviews by Jack Kimball appear in Talisman, Verse, The Poetry Project Newsletter, as well as Pantaloons.  he edits Faux Press, and plans to release a half dozen chapbooks later this year.

Rodney Koeneke is the author of Musee Mechanique (BlazeVOX, 2006) and Rouge State (Pavement Saw, 2003).  he lives and rinses in Portland, Oregon with Lesley Poirier and their son Auden.

fears include paint chips, cleverness, SASEs, tabloids, poetry, people who are reading this, and, of course, conditioners, if used improperly, which they invariably are.  oh, yes, Patrick Lawler.  if Googled, other Patrick Lawlers will appear, and they are not this Patrick Lawler, who shampoos each hair individually with attention to every follicle.  he thinks he’s said too much.

Bill Luoma is a writer living in Berkeley, California.  his book is called Works and Days.

Cassie Lewis is a poet living in Rochester, New York.  she enthuses about Philip Whalen there even more than she did in California.

Mama-K has a non-sexual fetish with cows — and she doesn’t mean your mama.  “gay men smell good.”  she plans to own a franchise of massage parlors with her earnings.  she likes kindly staring at people.

okay, okay, so Nick McRae is not actually an anarchist, but he thought about it once.  he wanted to get a mohawk, but his mom wouldn’t let him.  he has left graffiti at DIAGRAM, Stirring, Death Metal Poetry, and elsewhere.

K. Silem Mohammad is a very important poet writing in the tradition of the Provencal Numismatists, who flourished in El Salvador in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  he has seven toes on each foot.  are you the person who is driving me to the airport on Thursday?  look, an upside-down waterfall!

Heather Anne Mullins lives in Astoria, New York with her cats Envy and River (deadly sin; dead actor).  guitar sounds move her most.

Eileen Myles is 58 years old, lives in LA for one more month and will soon (March) head back to New York.  she’s in New York right now and can hear mild honking out the window.  it’s cold.  her cat’s name is Ernie.

Mark O’Hara whistles in such high pitches that cats come running.  a kisser of the Blarney Stone, he now cuts down trees with a large German man.

Daniel C. Remein’s poems can be read in Sidebrow, and are forthcoming in Sentence 6.  you can read other things he writes, about teaching and researching literature at this blog.  he rides around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on a bright red aluminum Cannondale road bicycle with white handlebar tape.

Rebecca Rubin recently completed her MFA at California College of the Arts.  when she is not writing, she makes books and drawings and explores Los Angeles.  she is also hard at work winnowing her entire wardrobe down to a small folded pile of four colors.

John Sakkis plays the PSR-s700, is a fan of
rollerblading, and spends most of his days in a
warehouse in the Lower Haight.

Siel went on a 3-day juice cleanse for the new year.  her next challenge is to stick to a strict 2 glasses of wine maximum (per night) until this issue of SHAMPOO officially launches.  read her blog to find out if she made it.

Erika Staiti is fairly content in life, despite her blogless existence.

Jordan Stempleman is not a tall man.  he maintains a weight of 145 lbs. on a diet that consists of eggs, Hy-Vee’s potatoes o’brien, Tabasco sauce, buffets, boiled shrimp, chicken piccata, mince and tatties, brussels sprouts, and cinnamon rolls.

Naomi Tarle is an MFA student at Boise State University.  she writes her poetry on old manual typewriters and collects broken Polaroid cameras from cheap thrift shops.

Mathew Timmons does this.

Kim Vodicka is a translator of backward
words reflected by pupils.  mike accident, oversight, a total snot art for drunken cabs, drove determined, safer by slip-ups.

Michael J. Wilson wishes the epic poem would have a renaissance.  he lives and works in Brooklyn and is finishing his work on an MFA at the New School.


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