April 15, 2021

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Welcome to the captivating world of modern poetry! Here, you can find poems about anything. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular poetry genres, and perhaps you’ll stumble upon a poem or two that touch your heart and soul in all the right place!

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    If you remember anything from high school English class (and really, who does?) you’ll remember that the majority of the poets talked about in those …
  • Graham Foust – Four Poems
    Graham Foust Four Poems   Concussion If God is not a Polaroid by God God’s not a Polaroid. It’s good that we rummage through smoke …
  • Amy Silbergeld – “Stain”
    Amy Silbergeld Stain I can come to miles easy as away is easy even occasionally to wake halfway through the night to remember your skin(if …
  • Elaine Kahn – “Any Cold Time”
    Elaine Kahn A Poem any cold time underneath the lake are ears, clouds, handwater: the Midwest. dirty sand sewed in like a fat drop sloped …
  • Ernst Herbeck – “Golden ABCs”
      Ernst Herbeck (with translation by Gary Sullivan) Golden ABCs The sequence A-Z The alphabet in order The lock The book order B-Y The interim …
  • Halie Theoharides – 2 Poems
    Halie Theoharides Two Poems Is it okay to live together before marriage When I first met you, you looked busy. You were. You had several …
  • Melissa DeGezelle – “Exact Cash”
    Melissa DeGezelle Exact Cash at the Anorexic Bank Open the bone lotion Nap with a candle in the bathtub — that’s where the accident happened …
  • Jim Behrle – Two Poems
    Jim Behrle Two Poems I MOVE THE CLOCKS AHEAD EVERY WEEKEND     for Katy Henriksen Fake every punt / Taint misbehaving I just duct-taped …
  • Bruna Mori – 3 New York City Poems
    Bruna Mori 3 Poems Q: Brighton Beach (Brooklyn) Igor pours Stoli over a knife to separate it from the tomato juice.  I toast “zavas,” and …

Love Poems

love poems by danil rudoy

Love poems is such a popular genre of poetry that it comprises between two-thirds and three-quarters of all the poems-related searches online. This should not be surprising as love is undeniably the most powerful ruler of our world. Since time immemorial, classical poets reflected that status quo in the poems while contemporary poets are ready to work in the same vein.

Love Is Poetry: Rhyming Poems About Love Life by Danil Rudoy is a love poems collection spiced up with some philosophical contemplations about the nature of life and the sense it (sometimes) makes to us. The poet is not afraid to run the whole gamut of romantic love, from purely platonic to unequivocally sexual, and from worshiping the beloved to pointing out her numerous foibles and peccadillos. Love Is Poetry is for people who still remember that rhyme and rhythm are the two ultimate factors that make a rough draft into a true poem.

Read Love Is Poetry: Rhyming Poems About Love Life on Amazon.com

Poetry Websites

Poetry websites have been rising in popularity since the Internet became available to the public in the 1990-s, and at this point, they are so many that it’s hard to navigate your way around the best of them. Luckily, we have a shortlist of poetry websites we recommend checking out when you feel you got tired of the most popular and famous names in the game.


poetrysoc.com has been around since 1997, which makes it one of the oldest poetry websites online. It has always been committed to providing


Romantic Poems is another old poetry website dating back to the 1990-s and its specialty, unsurprisingly, has been love poetry.


poetrypoetry.com loves poetry so much they repeat it twice in the title. This poetry website features plenty of sound recordings of popular poets reciting their poems at poetry slams and among friends.