Muesser Yeniay – The Meander

Muesser Yeniay

The Meander

line gaps empty, words picking their syllables
in louse palace set a table, doors waitress
night flows like an ink over day
day, falling like a femme over night
roses shaking of their soil, crying
moments are life auditor setting
clocks to death. my heart still beating
heartily, what is that under your coat
beside coincidence and hymns
hush! bury this world into your heart
my mind, my loss, cause an defect

never adjusted the clocks, sleep not fermented
blood distilled its red, drops disassociated
yesterday was the day before
today, after ‘yes’ they set
secrets betrayed themselves in a night
music listened to a casette player peeled
onion accused its odour, sniffed
Haliç regressed back in every stroke
inside a lair, designated the fate of a well
all other locks died of an attack awhile
human was the ugliest shape
and of least regret
bruised nature ruined and shocked.
like squadrons autonomous,
words never obeyed the command ‘stop!’
mines blown up in their fieriest times
to hear my voice was an excuse to silence
life was a gap ought to be filled
a notch, unexcused stalagmite
a flow, rain was my soul
which is to be drained

alluvion, oblivions added
while drawing zigzags,
they were the legs
set for escaping
out of the self.

committed suicide a river
with a swordfish in a side
bleeding eyes were compass
ionate for an arid death


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