Nick Whittock and Tim Wright – d r o m o

Nick Whittock and Tim Wright

d r o m o

has the preston
drome turned
you into a wuss
“slow peleton”

the bread is better
outside the capital i
totally forgot about it
of sweat season
       wet drome films

that grass looks so cool


Gravy [crossed out]

quicksppin round the concrete
on a mountain bike
tyres humming
spraypainted cloud
weetbix and creekwater

change of season
(spring) – the magpiesve
moved closer to the track

            &nbspwolf-like; dog
  heavy breathing at the

15 freshly squeezed orange juice

16 desert

19 red and blue bolts on a thread

24 quaffing wine and peanuts

26 with only a towel on

29 freeway

30 resting on the microphone

31 cufflinks

at the cnr of death the wind
hits – on the other side past the
ugly apartments it picks you up from

behind there is a short period of
  good form across the top of
 the drome 15 circus sideshow
16 maybe after cricket training

17 ill be in north melbourne anyway

18 Saturday night a million
     dollar night ride

19 coopers extra stout

20 keep going till 30 now

23 Michael Clarke

24 tighten the headset nuts

25 pumping iron tonight

27 inject the cat (Pecan’s) blood

28 string her up like an IV pouch

29 tims stopped  i should stop soon

30 half way

33 winds getting stronger

34 finishing each lap is getting more n more difficult


36 tims riding again ill go 4 40


38 this saddles good

38 sometimes it feels m sitting on nothing

dromatic hockey

a ‘high rider’



to us

cyclist calves

come legs

forgot to

show leave

water bottles

here for


(bongs) urgh

wet surfaces

dont think m
up to it today dromin

a plane tree husk particle

pings into m nose or its

a bug

39 stencils n breakfast

40 chrome stationery

above the ear

a bicycle hopping out

of the opposite eye 2

galahs magpie gets a rise out of 2 galah

crests fresh bum splatters

on the dromecrete “today

i walked through a swarm

of bees … sounded like

bikes going fast it was nice”

“thats the first timeve

broken a sweat here 4 months”

makeshift keirin races …

fighting over who gets to be the motorbike


trees that outlast it

a gang of birds

clouds separating


is November, Truffles’

discontructed bicycle
for earrings

[0] 0 : 00 ’ 00 ” 00

0s for 0s

truffles for laps

floats across the

finish line husserl

the long curve around

the second bend oh

so you speak Crow !

birds like chickens playing

chicken tim like chickens

playing chickens


“fighting against the air

deflating” , half-cat
      –    half-bird

blue noise

scuffed paint

the mulga bill festival

in this town even people from

dubbo make fun of

bluestone –

lawnmower or phone?

s a powerboat man.

new handlebars new tape

a 56 tooth chainring

bradman had teeth like

that he was good at


n gum brown shoes the

wind a 4 lap sample


wagtail almost comes a


crow eats sparrow


youve gotta be joking”

1 sq mtr of shade

      –    lycra brigade –

“with the dead sun

beating on our backs”

we talk about the way

people treat us back there

their velo laughter n the

chains in their eyes

(its) france (n its)

summer (n were

riding) french bikes

shouldve dunked

m head in the creek

deep in the heart

of melbournes northern velodrome belt

a cyclist with 2 legs

… 9 . 10 . 11 . 11 . 12 . 13 . 13 .

15 . 15 . 16 . 17 . 18 . 19 . 20 . 22 .

. 23 . 23 … 74 . 74 . 76 . 77

cyclists a presence (tell the

motorist) couple of weet bix

a banana black tea n

honey nobastardll catch ya son

how long 8 laps whats

the time 8 laps hows it going

8 laps lungbloods

snotting out m face

holes laps snot out cam


anti-intoxicant   legs
crossed   times

new roman  northcottian

15 marmalade jam

17 heelgrind

18 oars up!

19 nervous hum


21 checkered socks

28 defrosted twig

30 spag bog smell


on guided dog

a cyclist with 2legs

shitballz  i forgot to drop

we only go at the speed

Kevin Pietersen runs

brunswicks muffin cocks

coburgsre monsters

(cocksre bigger    is
  grass in m drivetrain


Date 22/12/10

Item Description           Price

VA tights@(12)  x2       $24

pedal takes a chomp out of

my leg

theres even a

toilet block here

$2 coffees at the cappucino centre


use time is 10 minutes

the devil takes the hindmost

n gode is god

bunnings has the best onions) $24


TERMS AND CONDITIONS “I think I might just
                                                                         go home”

‘We might need to find some more paper’


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