Brian Whitener – (whitener)

Brian Whitener

                      curious bird they are found about us in summer on a wild heath
                      called Emmingsales & I believe that is the only spot which they visit
                      they make an odd noise in the evening beginning at dew fall &
                      continuing it at intervals all night it is a beautiful object in Poetic
                      Nature — (nay all nature is poetic) from that peculiarity alone one
                      cannot pass over a wild heath in a summer evening without being
                      stopt to listen & admire its novel & pleasing noise it is a trembling
                      sort of crooning sound which may be nearly imitated by making a
                      crooning                                 noise & at the same time patting the
                      finger before the mouth to break the sound like stopping a hole in the
                      German flute to quaver a double sound on one note this noise is
                      generally made as it descends from a bush or tree for its prey it is
                      said to feed on insects that breed on the fox fern whense its name it
                      is a beautiful mottld bird                        variously shadowed with the
                      colors of black & brown it appears of the hawk tribe its eye is keen




                      it’s uninhabitable

                      Epic a computer program that models human reaction time
                                                                     to single multiple human time program to

                      colloquial, there’s nothing to fall into so you fall thru

                      and the way that it should be is the way that it is and was will until

                      Lucretis reign fall in the field of particles

                      ephemeral the tone suites and fronts, that’s the the

                      thin and cure, old and ugly, stubs her toe, coughs all night, asphixiates
                         the Kremheld, as I draw in this breath, order of self awareness

                      i am being fucked into an environment

                      lily restructure lily

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