Alli Warren – Horse Stories

Alli Warren

Horse Stories

Sober allow me
make the heat go
Click twice the wrench
First of all everything,
everything, we will live until tomorrow
won’t we, that’s how you manage
to get a wound, taking a piece
of dirt, fickle and unmanageable
The rain will continue
to write you this terrible letter
my family is dead
it’s all in the notebook
hanging by a button
to the point of physical appeal
To these questions we write flarf
perhaps you’ve been distracted
young men, babies, mummies,
children, be possible, let us O ladies
impress, trailing the soundless breath
find what’s least important
the thought that
takes up in its arms
a frenzied country
and western music, a face
a slip, set in pasture
right on the spot
I chase 2 kilometers
I say to myself, pumpkin,
reckon, execution
on a limb is a lady
undressing in the back of me head

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