Alli Warren – Shangri Law

Alli Warren

Shangri Law

A wool skirt disguised as spring
or turned up—the experience of having
a skirt, a large spectator surrounded by
large spectators
Dolores, stop eating me

I propose an office complex in place of an audio file,
squirm and my esophagus brushes the denim
composed of the tiny bones
of sweatshop workers

The arena around your thighs
calling me a body
as if poems & little aspects
of the poem were secret
when I refer to myself as such
I seem neglected

The way to write a long poem is
take off your shirt sleeves, mention birds
remember love is lighter than any given kitchen appliance,
teaming San Lorenzo—most of the 20th century
is a collection of testaments to humans being
a new form of book-blogging LIVE from Alberta

Clearly I am poking and prodding this
answering machine service
for a work of creative non-fiction,
some days to suck the shit
out of a Ball jar—preferably
through a meadow

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