Chris Stroffolino – Red Tape Sale

Chris Stroffolino

Red Tape Sale

You may feel free
            to distrust your happiness
                                            with yourself
For choosing

            what may very well be
                                            an exemplary action
Like, when finding
            one of your cassette tapes
                                            in the bag
Of a friend
            who is crashing
                                            on your sofa
But who is out
            roaming the town
                                            at present,
You may get angry
            at a violation of trust
                                            & take it back
But soon you mellow
            “honor among thieves”
                                            & decide to copy it
And place the copy
            in his bag without a word
                                            so when he returns
He may not even know
            that you have given him
                                            what he thought he stole
And you may tell yourself
            it was just his way
                                            of asking for a gift
And run the risk
            of feeling too proud
                                            with yourself
As if it is actions like these
            that most characterize you
                                            & not quite see
That it was he
                        who gave
                                            the greater gift.

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