Lisa Radon – Two Poems

Lisa Radon

Two Poems

The King of Denmark

because of Mr. Morton Feldman

the bottom line or slightly beneath
very of sounds played in each box
without sticks or mallets
may fingers, hand, or any
as equal as thick horizontal
cluster varied whenever
all registers and in any time broken
vibraphone played without motor

vibraphone without motor is
broken lines sustained large
registers roman simultaneous
thick designates varied when
extremely and as
fingers to be played may or
represent the amount in each box
slightly beneath, very low.

High middle the top or slightly above or very
Numbers the sounds to be played
To be played without or mallets
The use or any part as equal as
Thick varied when
sounds numbers encompassing
high middle and single to be played
and in any indicate sustained

without broken lines
sequence time in large numbers
single, simultaneous
sounds should possible
line clusters horizontal are
low and as as possible
without or may or any
of in each box very
or slightly beneath
with each box graphed

graphed with each box
equal the top very high
amount of sounds in
without sticks or
or any part of
and as equal as possible
the thick designates
varied simultaneous
encompassing high, middle
in all registers broken
is played without motor


Allatonceness, tinnel miss
a blue portent or switch

a knock down drag
ensconced or fowlered
pent a cudgel lightly

Hint if is
to Tuesday no known no

ounce pinch mix
a tabled spoon
breathe reg-
is—tra—tion blue

fine point on
base-lined hewn
the to of go.
The hit or wish
to paler quail
no queue a
roaning marker

A rolling drag hired
(mint tough sell)
she sells seashells
tall—tall tall tall
shunt and postered
pricking by the
puffin’d wonder

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