Ronald Palmer – Two Poems

Ronald Palmer

Two Poems

There Are At Least Ten Types of Hippies

1.   First and foremost every hippie I’ve met is a lazy and bitchy sort of hippie. All the
      perfectly pitched and grammatically emphatically laid sentences in semi-staid
      void hilarity of the current war situation and power is always going to smash you
      because you are fucking lazy, hippie.
2.   Secondly and this is mostly madly the most beautiful hippies are dead for reason
      of the commie fear or fear of themselves and who killed Abbie Hoffman and the
      internal hippie of Vince Foster, who killed Vince Foster? Abbie, this sentence is
      for you: If you really killed yourself, I wish I was there to hold your bleeding
3.   Thirdly and perhaps most appropriately there was the Black Radical Hippie even
      though they wanted to call it something different the reason they were dangerous
      is because of the Black Panther Breakfast Program For Children, which is so
      heinous you can’t even get your mind around it, think this red white and blue,
      your CIA sought out and effectively disremembered a NOT for PROFIT program
      that would have fed Black children. End of Scary Story. The Black Radical loved
      pussy and blow too much to know how much deeper they could go, and go and go.
4.   The Forth Hippie never wants to know who’s really boss. Always wants to gloss
      over the shit that’s really going down in the street, cuz this hippie works for
      Google, and this archetecht, openly gay bitch, who works for Genentech yet she’s
      all in your face about Corporate Fairness and “Oh do you know most leading
      companies who want to be on the Forbes list of Top Companies To Work For!
      Offer health insurance for domestic partners>” and yes it’s always about
      insurance isn’t it sweetie and I’m talking to myself on this one cuz baby I’s is
      sweating in gravy and all this bonus turns to bogus pus when this hippie realizes
      he’s being used by Power’s most friendly ally: pretend you love them while
      sliding that fat 10 inch pick uncut cock right up your tight little ass, sweetie.
5.   And Five through Ten are all a similar type of Man because most real sistas
      stayed real because someone has to clean shit up when y’all vicious
6.   it
7.   do
8.   Take care,
9.   Take nerve,
10. Bitch.

from Three Prose Poems: July 2007-07-27

When all else fails there’s always self-healing with sound and music. Fluid memory
liquid memory churning in on itself. Hone skills re-strategize leaving smart voicemails.
Pull a 5-week snapshot from Highlight the subliminal kill zone
moxie. I respect the sexy marines more than the dumb administration. At least they have
the balls to get their head blown off in the center of the kill zone moxie. Let’s love each
other to death returning to liquid consciousness like icicles in April. It’s always hard to
say precisely what I’m thinking. Shut up android and enjoy the Gay Wedding.

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