Ronald Palmer – Porno: Canto

Ronald Palmer

Porno: Canto #200    (Crin:     Ging To: Ward Ca:    Nine)

                                                                                                                                          The game enforces smirks
                                                                                                                                          —Hart Crane (Chaplinesque)

Gather your Por:         celain tumors.

The:     ater of thought: in which I blush with a sickening savo:        ir fair—

Che:     wing on the same tarant: ula,              we vacuum

daily a pink slip:


I am preg:        nant

With your fur brill:     iant


Broken into three jit:   tery question marks.

I mind-s:         lash an exit in the sky.             Sparks

My body-scape into an orange sea of gentler animo:            sity,

Forgive me coun:        try,

I cannot un:     lock a hero amid stag:             nant

Rhet:    oric that always wins, in the end,

O my terror-struck America, we watch, mouths open,

as each candi:  date begs

For a longer silence to re:       coil

A million dollar commercial hyst:                 eria.

I unfold my unread:               able underwater map

tilted toward future’s political crit:                eria.

Irre:     fu:                               table pharmacy

Of unethical epoxy:

Marriage’s recipe        re-sip:            honed, echoing

In my ego’s perf:        orated             tin ceiling.

I ig:      nore the ora:               nge alert,         doing the hula-hula,

Crawling into bed with my fury, my fur:       ry                    mir:     ror,

O hor:               ror,     O ter:               ror!

Chewing on this fran:             tic        tarantula.

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