Sara Mumolo – Four Poems from Brain in a vat

Sara Mumolo

Four Poems from Brain in a vat

merely an artifact of the peculiar

for example, when one gets shot he yells out as if in
pain. in fact, he does not feel any

The Bat Argument

When the terrorists hang, your sun

will rise tomorrow.

When you embody
terrorism does said sun rise?

The casual stains of external
suspicions, an experience science.

All we have is science says.
Where is the organism aspect?

Proof = a contradiction to be
something it is like for.

Explosions in a firmament
ask if fireworks save anymore. Safety

is opposition of terror.
Or Safety as wind. As fear

ciphers a chime from
corollaries that lynch sunlight.

More isolated segments

Weather survives in arenas
as mate consolation grows

Perception bites the lip
off ray or cyclone osculation

To garden synthetic horizons for service
as partial self stencils other into airs

Withered or dried in defunct fan velocities
the arid spasms and oscillations pollute summer

syndrome or infant

crying and waterless, there is not a gap in nature, but
a void in our understanding. it might be argued by man
that the void is caused by some genuine.

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