Cassie Lewis

Patterns in Leaves

– After Johnny Cash/ Nine Inch Nails

There’s an order to all sorrow
That leads us to its end.
Keep walking and eventually
The path we took
Leads us back to friends.

My heart beats like a bell
That tolls too close and loud.
I love the spine of leaves
And salt spray
And sunshine on a crowd.

Pain like mine is wrong
A vice of conscience or thought.
How can a bell toll so loud
Over music and over love
Well made as ours, well taught.

Words are not the keeper
Of my faith, as I once hoped.
My highest praise for others
Is rarely given anymore
And soon revoked.

All I know is you and the patterns
In the frozen leaves.
Winter stays so long here,
Air, still and beautiful
Finds me gusts to breathe.

You are like the world
And you open up the spine
Friends are all we fellow travelers have
You are the best one
Courage yours and mine.

We are growing a new forest
I can’t see wood for trees
The dark shore makes me cower
It makes sense
It brings me to my knees.

What will we become, my
Sweetest friend? There are patterns
In the leaves that take us home
That guide us back to love
In the end.

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