Tim Lane – Cashmere & Dynamite

Tim Lane

Cashmere & Dynamite

Synthesis of volcano & iceberg:
the biographies of great chess players:
taught me more of passion & self-
sacrifice than the Lives of the Saints.
The best pop song of the 80s:
“The Kids in America”.  O, you
stocky, beer-swilling gentlemen, so
smooth the approach, the swing,
the release of the ball, silky revolutions,
explosion of pins, cashmere & dyn-
amite.  This is only my opinion.

Fall, 1999, Esquire Magazine: the
goatee is out!  Okay, fine, but not the
cowboy boots, you sons of bitches,
it’s taken fifteen years to break-in
these goddamn boots!
Got your postcard: Edward Hopper:
the loneliness of America (I’d decided
best friends, like the anti-hero, the
Incredible Hulk, were in comics.)

Got milk?  Just asking.  Why, why,
why, do I believe the fortune cookie?
My horoscope?  The DJ?  Slimy
motherfucker said he’d play my god-
damn request.  Do I sound angry?
Nonsense.  No different than
anybody else.  ’Round Midnight.
“O, where are the young men, the
weight on their shoulders?”

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