Paolo Javier

Three Poems

Whose Fingernails Ache

      I appear questing, restored
I assign acid to level conquistadors outnumbered
a lusty tournament pollen
a rucksack I doth annihilate
not lasso indeterminate comeuppance ululation
               a séance erasing elfin commodity

must I appear, nautilus arm-in-arm
unserviceable male pedigree parable
buoying a pair of catalpa set in a library
delays one cinema
de-shelled nude lactating glandular
                            a pending patronymic
                            said the jaguar disguised
nonesuch allows to defile an otter
              Odin Ill invent de-shelled nude, appear in porn

cock excused in mauve abundance
the mauve abundance Ill handwrite
sa Sydney, Oregon, or Lent
o daughters, question innocent goodbye of cardinal saints
                 Ill veer away from scat

            Odin’s arms attached

Gasgan Croqeta Ikalawa

              I stink of ripe otter. Shit. Yay. A sale.
Reeking of Spanish rope unlaid.
A bridal fabric denuded in Korea.
Goering, on cue, sends no letter inserting Bermuda.

              But this means, naturally, visitors. Soy sauce.
not when an arrow has its duke
terror a case I involve us indeterminate
a room key knocks on my door. A Medellin cocksuck

              inserting Bermuda. Tiraan mo nitong dura kong sinilbeng A,
a projectile question desires a career.
Apaloosa, Apaloosa B.  Infinity’s escape.

Trojan Relic Less Animal Vital

                                          no diggin it
Trojan relic less animal vial
               Hello! aria aria

               666 bombs later calculated
rumble in Queens, terpsichord reach, chance
or it chose us, led us to you, o serpent inimical
injured infidel in Tin Pan Alley

               who comes to us in love helix
who comes looking in vain for the same sworn enemy
whose come adjusts the medium

               remedial cuckold : ruins
deicide mobile lyric autumn churn
a yelp Ill hasten the chorus to cue

                            Orpheus, same ol’
success later will bear it, elide impoverished Melus
the stench of a gringo firmament
azalea and rose U.S. grants as such
1,000 reliquaries

               I hasten the miasma in plumage
conquering scribe rope ultimate truncheon
    Terrain I trust rely on as prescient U.S. terrain
I trust valorous

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