Colin Herd

Two Poems

forbidden love, betrayal, murder & a very happy
jacket, check with purple strands somewhere & i
really wanted the stems as well as the flowers, as
greedy as that seems, but i like the petals because
i would like no detectable bodily smell. my nerves
very frayed, nobody seems to give a flux, they
have to be professional i accept that but i need a
little tenderness when i am on the losing team,
even if i am a peripheral player. darth vader helmet
and red skin-tight suit, snow of course and friction-
burns on my shoulder. the time has now come to make
myself clear: run tough, run hard.

~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~   

melted to within
an inch of our
lives, talking much
less, fast love
my unhelpful my
undeniable friend,
    this is the time
for leavening, the
speed of following
a car back to bed
only to be gutted
both, cleaned out,
shopped, alerted.

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