Drew Gardner

Drew Gardner

Skylab Wolverine Bunny Cage Nub

Phoenix is the land of milk dowsers,
and I’ve always been
a wolverine bunny cage xenocide forum asshole.

John Denver is nonsensical.
Good Morning Skylab!

These people are for people’s amusement
in the Jack Palance Malice Palace.

I hate the high levels of jerk war around here.
Morons of quietness…

This money has an understated elegance
featuring muted cows
and a wolverine bunny cage
for an antenna.

Buddha is evil,
Being an Evil Nub,
and peaceful.

She hummed softly to her teeth.

Overall Rating: Nope
Sandy: Nope
Across the Road from the Highlands: Nope
Two FBI Agents and a Convertible: Nope
Dragging Against the Side of Her Burning
Wolverine Bunny Cage: Nope

Jeez, these kids just shellacked my thoughts in lager,
Babysitting yr pet peeves
with my mute button on.

There are two cute vampires
who love getting messages of love.

That last paragraph has to go—
I think that’s the wolverine bunny cage of
our problem—not counting the last paragraph
made of paper mache nub replicas.

Skylab trimmed my tempeh,
though the ice is not melting.

I sent some smutty fragility to a waterfall,
gently teased the
wolverine bunny cage by touching it
with a copy of “Frogger.”

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