Thomas Fink – Serrated Errors

Thomas Fink

Serrated Errors

encrypted in ham.  One’s
slurred quill slogs through valium
saddlebags, glut blur.

Under niche-fool heretic’s
pitch, guilt kits sag.  Could we
spiral into some
neediness ward?  Spit figure:
vertical armada’s

snap declaration.  To
harpoon tupperware
asbestos.  Can a fine
ax liberate harassed
vector’s pure egg?  West of
an orthodox blockade,
indigo loudspeakers

jangle conic monkey-
keys.  Opening what
public sense?  In a joy-
luck shtetl, dice will go
on fiddling till dotted

rats sign out.  If battle
should lag, be aunt, be
uncle to double

wit’s aqua or.

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