Mona Lisa Donnelly – You Walk So Nicely

Mona Lisa Donnelly

You Walk So Nicely

“You walk so nicely!”
“…15 months.”

Speaking nonsense.
(Just as much nonsense as my last 15 words.)
Living in a world of trainer Reeboks
And chocolate smothered faces that slowly,
(Like a fingerpainted cat on the backseat window of a car),
Defrost into a world of basketball
And Valentine’s Day hearts.

4, (oops), 3 steps
Steps which bear more importance than
“Those Three Words”
In a trying late adolescent relationship.

Small hands that
Twist and turn
To release themselves from a keeper.
20 Years Later…
Wide hands.
Groping and wanting.
More warmth than mittens attached to a jacket.

A stretching two feet tall to my five foot, three inches,
Up is higher,
Down is harder,
A snowflake is much bigger,
And three steps is…
Just that.
But when was the last time you took three steps and smiled,
Just because it was three steps?

Yes child, you do walk so nicely.

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