James Davies – Penguins

James Davies


Of wht is rd
a rd chst
wth blu eys
.nd clppd wngs

4 cowlegs long feet;
H..flss, webbdlss
furlss, sngng to-in squwks .nd
flppng of clppd wnds:

a wrnng tht birs r comeng
invitn thm to lnch
skddn to-in caves
.nd to-in the .ther sde of th. scrn

a wrnng tht birs r comeng
grz grz grz – pawz whckd 2gthr
grz grz grz pwdr in th. pawz
grz grz grz ol. gry cote
wh. owl shke whitelssly
wth ol. age .nd yuth

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