Benjamin Bourlier

Two Poems

Where I Learned to Behave

about pronouncements
and “stink of artifice” and
being a child

                     I was saying patting as Hitchcock a studio hand
                     your arm to congratulate your “being
                     a little drunk” and thought you’d sleeves

not so
that “your scent
is still here in my place
of recovery”

like wheat durum of my mouth
and condescension a sponge, that into

not witness conversation
for blips, the thrill of making

                          you haven’t thought of sponges in
                          terms of condescension
                          you are invited

                          turning or not

Peopling Affection

I am on my way to the hands-on museum
the entire city’s wifi then

our lunch
gone right field

                                    why, M
LK learned, first, he’d died and
why do I feel he coulda been no pour
parler la bouche, pepper

mint chewer friend happy
to haunt
       three. mints. You
       said maybe on the way out
       and here you are. You
       are a good man. God
       bless you brother. A happy
       new year to you. Consider:

Doublemint commercials ca. ’56 to ’03
having lost the trademark request ’04

       the hetero pick
       happy to haunt, not

       fidgeting but interesting you
       or otherwise annoyance at what is it

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