Jim Behrle – Two Poems

Jim Behrle

Two Poems

This Is Also Your Return Envelope

language isn’t poetry

yet / must be the same dress size

audience is the new orgasm

I behave abominably during the trailer

and everyone ends up in cobra position

do you want a bag with your dingoes?

pens down / pharmacies deliver us

the cute girl from the McGriddles commercial googled

fragrance of a hyphen /ain’t havin’ it

“is the pathway to many abilities some consider to be

my collected hoaxes rock your box

thoughts of Gerrit foreshadow the Stephen Jonas

ladies of Schermerhorn released into glamor

“you were the chosen one!”

when mind games that got delicious

became a prosody all Sith & Netflix

go on, waive your right to counsel

*I’ve* come to chew on *you*

coda for beginners

the koala has left the building
promote events, upload trailers

there was a war and what we wrote
about it was terrible

eighty witnessed fireball
point away from face and people

to activate your account
I put my mom on your mailing list

especially while opening
a daydream of Joanna Sondheim

return to SHAMPOO 24