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Chapter 9

youngest of children
going astray
leads the interpreted challenge
tainted with defeat
toward a secondary
unspecified eventleagues of hurt and lapses
past only what should be expected
outcasts, the sick, run-aways
have the same worth
being preoccupied with
day-to-day tasks
make certain righteousness is a part of lifeyou do not have to propagandize thought
from liberated mines of extension cords
in Ezion-Geber without question the
specifications are more likely
from the direction of Serbit el Khadim
out of the isolated camp
selling sweet corn
do we want murderers
prying apart good intentions
isn’t what they have is what they have stolenafter hours of practice
Authority at last
shifted from restricting
individual action to protecting it
the tents are useful
if we are to show the advantage
of not being fooled by swarms of adoration
by the whole idea of going away
before the sequestered grand jury
convened at the solstice of experts
refusing to answer
reinterpreting the need to tamper with outcomes
to once again reschedule sorrow
criticising the prison system
for cooperating with injurious exploration
prey to illnesswhat do hinted-at volumes
the holocaust trillions of whatever
aluminum cans
heart attacks
lackadaisical tense interviews
bury in the very board meetings
of the great learning centers of Europeyou endure the unleavened journey
facing what you bring
I didn’t give because I had to
but because I wanted to
I care more about you
I care about depicting
without accepting any base motives
unimposing lifecome away from it
from behind locked doors
be assured the blue worker is not Satan
are these feelings real
could this be a dreaded hour
that elaborates cheekbones
whipping biscuits and coffee
inscribed with the names of the saints
Miss Hazel Moore, Mrs. Walter Wendelken
apologizing continually
Paradise Evangelical Church
of one-thousand free will
toasts to unignored yes or nos
erratically arranged
postponing bottled water of Copernicus
the surprising instability
of that special day
all flesh became one

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