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S H A M P O O   34  Contributors

Nora Almeida lives in Brooklyn with her two cats, Whitman and Goose.  her poems have recently appeared in Phoebe, Tight, and Other Rooms.  she has also managed to grow a thriving Habanero pepper plant in her bedroom window which yields peppers so spicy that they are almost inedible.

Steven Alvarez: firm believer in the lather-rinse-repeat methodology, and English(y) Ph.D. student at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Eric Amling is the proprietor of Human Hair & Co..  his new chapbook Split Level Igloo is available there.  motto: don’t trust a pickle that has never been in the jar.

Geoffrey Babbitt is a Ph.D. student in poetry at the University of Utah and a part time sous chef in Salt Lake City’s only one star restaurant.

GeLeCa BaNeNe is Geoffrey Babbitt, Levi Negley, and Cami Nelson (see separate bios elsewhere on page).

Ed Barrett was called Eddie Barracuda on the Holy Family Grammar School swim team in Brooklyn long before Sarah Palin got christened with that fish’s name, and he earned it for nicer reasons (bantamweight, fast in pool).  recently concluded his Boston Trilogy of prose-poem novels with publication of Bosston (2008).  lives near, but does not swim in, Charles River, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Melissa Broder is a literary publicist, as well as an MFA student at The City College of New York, where she recently won The 2008 Stark Poetry Prize and The 2008 Jerome Lowell Dejur Award.  she is the curator of Polestary Poetry Series and her work most recently appears in Opium Magazine and Del Sol Review.  Broder’s karaoke standard is “Magic Man” by Heart.

Laynie Browne thinks this is the longest pre-election period ever.  she suggests frequent doses of Jon Stewart and Captain Underpants to counter the daily news.

Emily Brungo once won a big poetry award when she was a student at Carnegie Mellon University.  she is really excited about her fantasy football team and that New Kids on the Block got back together.

Zach Buscher always lives and writes, and occasionally teaches and serves as Poetry Editor for Sonora Review, in Tucson, AZ.  originally from the Wild West of Massachusetts, Zach is busy finishing up his MFA at The University of Arizona, where he is a Beverly Roger’s Fellow.  though not excessively tall, he must crouch down whilst taking a shower.

Jordan Davis works in a non-glamorous role in the financial services industry.  his poems have appeared in Court Green, Shiny, and Abraham Lincoln.  his prose shows up from time to time in the TLS and The Nation.  with Chris Edgar he edits the milliner’s trade publication, The Hat.

Panika M. C. Dillon hails from Fairbanks, Alaska and Austin, Texas.  she recently received her MFA in creative-writing poetry from Sarah Lawrence College.  she thinks that brushing her teeth in the shower is one of the most novel things in the world.

Patrick Duggan is originally from New Hampshire, and has studied photography and literature at Emerson College in Boston, and writing at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.  he is editor and co-founder, along with Elliot Harmon and Marcus Merritt, of Idiolexicon, and his poems and articles have appeared in numerous journals, including: Beeswax, Floating Holiday, Hazmat Review, Mirage, Monday Night Lit, Noö Journal, Oranges and Sardines, Parthenon West Review, and 26 Magazine.

Thomas Fink’s fifth book of poetry is Clarity and Other Poems (Marsh Hawk Press, 2008).  he recently edited and wrote introductions for selected volumes by Eileen Tabios and Mark Young.  he tried to keep his hair tall for the last few years but gave up this past summer when he realized that greater attention to grooming than he could comfortably handle would be required.

Samantha Giles recently got carried away at Costco and bought a set of industrial-sized containers of Panteen Pro V, a brand of beauty enhancing products she has never tested on her straight, fine, flat, head of hair.  if you find her dull and lifeless in the coming months, you now know why.

Kristin Hatch is yay public libraries go libraries libraries rule go public libraries.

Glenn Ingersoll helps run the San Francisco reading series, Poetry & Pizza.  he maintains two blogs, LoveSettlement and Dare I Read.  he lives in Berkeley.  six months ago, he decided never to write another poem.  “I’ve written thousands of poems,” he says.  “those old poems need to be cleaned.  that’s a fulltime job right there.”

Eleanor Johnson is a scholar and poet, living, writing, and teaching in Oakland.  her visual-verbal dialogue with artist Jessica Serran will be published as
a chapbook this Winter by Achiote Press.

Sarah Kobrinsky grew up in Winnipeg and Fargo.  she loafed in London for a while and now resides in San Francisco with her growing hat collection.

Lori Lamothe has a propensity for jalapeno poppers, little scented candles, and vampires.  despite the fact that she lives in Massachusetts, she knows virtually nothing about the Red Sox.  new poems and reviews are forthcoming this fall at Eclectica, Linebreak, Switched-on Gutenberg, Front Porch Journal,, and other magazines.

Eric Lindley will ask you for help someday, and you will pin his fingers against the roof-ledge with the toe of your snakeskin boot.  you’ll find yourself making love like an eagle with Eric Lindley, just before you hit the ground.

Levi Negley is an M.F.A. student in poetry at the University of Utah and is known for public séances he holds with Larry Eigner.

Cami Nelson is a Ph.D. student in poetry at the University of Utah and has the initials CKN.

Laura M. Nesbit is taking a year off to write between graduation from Drake University and graduate school.  last year she studied in Norwich, England, and now lives in Iowa City, Iowa.  she enjoys painting
and collage as well as accumulating strange information.

Andy Nicholson is currently reading Christopher Pike’s Sati.  Christopher Pike.  yes.

Bette O’Callaghan comes over as a superannuated rock chick, well past her sell by date but still showing glimpses of her former glamour and glory.  been there, done that, snorted it, jacked it up, sucked it off, fucked it up and still here to tell the tale.  and what tales!  a true grande dame in the Bette Davis mould.  writes and performs with great panache.”  Baden Prince, Speakeasy, London, England.

Misti Rainwater-Lites has lots of books for sale at Lulu, including a full-length poetry collection entitled Dangerous Hair.  Misti once walked inside a bank in Albuquerque, New Mexico wearing a turquoise wig and wondered why the security guard glowered at her with blatant animosity.  one of these days Misti’s full-length poetry collection, Cuntasaurus Rex, will be available on Tainted Coffee Press.

Ron Paul Salutsky is transitioning from Pantene to Pert, and enjoys a scrub with hot olive oil in the winter and a treatment of deer urine, if he can squeeze by the ASPCA, in the summer.  his work appears under the US-11/I-60 interchange, and in the bathroom stall at Ruby Tuesdays.  he’s got a fever for the flavor.

Tyler David Sherman is a perfectly decent person.  he has written three novels, and keeps a blog of current writing.

Cedar Sigo is 30 years old.  his most recent book is Expensive Magic.  his current obsessions include Neil Young–On the Beach, Alan Davies–Name, and Try Magazine.

Randy Thurman snaps sock monkeys and then disappears into the jungle.

Eva Tseng is from New York, where the girls are extraordinarily beautiful and extraordinarily cold.  she favors odd numbers and wears stilettos.

Nico Wijaya is a fantastique artiste who presently (malheureusement!) hails from the East.

Mike Young broke into MC Oroville’s house and stole his answering machine.  then he felt guilty and ate it instead.

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