Lakey Teasdale – 2 Poems

Lakey Teasdale

2 Poems

The Shipping Forecast I

The striking thing about reading these pieces

is that High Rockall and the general synopsis

you find that the area for the next 24 hours is

please. please. when all is said and done when

there are other considerations like the last Samurai

you know the one that followed all the others like


The striking thing about reading these pieces is

that a new shipping area FitzRoy came into effect

and you find that the area for the next 48 hours is

stop. now. listen to the beginning like site reading

the sight reading when all is increasing or decreas-

there are other explorations like John Rae better than

Man Ray or the road to Antarctica is paved with

Maxwell Davis wouldn’t you say?

The striking thing about needing these pieces is

that full details are included in our Marine(s) the

weather services. North or Northwest 4 increasing

5 or 6, becoming cyclonic for a time.

there are other illuminations like the celebrated

Mr Kite celebrating his would you say kite?

or was he really sitting at the quay of the bay?

The striking thing about dreaming these pieces

is that Forties when 4 or 5 occasionally even

Dogger or Fisher or the German Bight needs

occasionally to rest, maybe in Humber, later.

there are other accumulations and if you look

at the city she conquered you will only see

New York lying at her feet. She never made

it into Julliard. Something about the way she

held the cello.

The Shipping Forecast III – Before, During & After the Forecast

You may hear before during moments of after other

material apart from the general synopsis at 13:00 slow,

slowly moving and Finisterre became FitzRoy, low south.

as Finisterre became FitzRoy. FitzRoy became.  and Finis.

developing the technique the airstream modified by

the so-called embouchure, while the use of vibrato

merely added another possibility.

Viking North Utsire developing northerly increasing 6

or 7 for a time from the outside shower. good. occasionally

expected the Prince of Denmark tomorrow and tomorrow

and awake. Lear was nobody’s fool but the Fool was not

delicate and regular distortion of pitch. controlled waves

in tone true deliberate usually vary the inverse proportions

a matter of only aesthetics. judgment rather than technique

Lundy, Fastnet and the Irish Sea 3 or 4 Northerly 4 or 5 fair

good, occasionally moderate or good. Malin increasing later.

east Hebrides becomes a dead reckoning, plots on the last fix

or position; speeds through water along the compass course

and tone? can be made to grow from musical content,

decided by and during performance by the performer. long

notes? these, free the ear. added must not be distracting

Fair Isle, Faeroes westerly veering northerly 5 sometimes 6

becoming variable 3, 4, 2, 1, 0 rain. then showers. Moderate.

not a feast of fools and not a description. we want to create

a fool’s paradise? no. no. no fixed abode. only arts. mysteries.

free the ear to concentrate on the bass. the contrapuntal balance?

the french violin clef? does not transpose. Never made it into Julliard.

failed the audition. turned up time & again with no visible instrument.

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