Doreen Wang

     How to Prove Counterfeit:
Us and the streets around us are
called Sky Mother — it means “I don’t
understand you white American soldier.”
And then you drip 2 dots      above +
below me        drip AH    drop AH
the left-tilting box the hook on the end
was where my land stood.    Peeked up
from beyond my hat, water, muggy mist,
smelled white cabbage, cut-up shreds of
1 small preserved shrimp, heavy boots
leaking rivulets of fuel on that which feeds,
     If nothing else, there was MSG over rice.
My daughter rather, wraps her leftovers in
1 layer of sticky rice, 1 layer of bamboo leaf,
1 layer of household mash, lays it under
her kitchen-standing feet.
     to dance w/ the beat
     to shout the song of ___
     to twist scallions amidst her hair
     to know wrinkle as her only skin.

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