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Mike Topp – Six Poems

Mike Topp

Six Poems


“London is like New York City without tears.”
– John Ashbery


“It’s crazy how clean Scandinavia is. You can lean anywhere.”
– Josephine Baker


“Although our information is incorrect, we do not guarantee it.”
– Erik Satie


“In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”
– Andy Warhol


“As Andy Warhol said: In the future everyone will be famous for ten
– Geraldo Rivera

The Office

I know tomorrow is a holiday, but we just have to make the dates on
this schedule. If you come in I’ll put you down for some comp time,
which will give you three days total. In all my years as managing
editor I have never given over seven to a single employee and here it
is only halfway through the project. Think it over.

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