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issue #2 contributors…

Lisa Beatman is on a year-long writer’s sabbatical. she just completed an artist residency program at the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where she completed her first chapbook, Ladies Night at the Blue Hill Spa.

Jim Behrle’s first chapbook, CITY POINT, is due out in 2000 from Pressed Wafer. he co-edits Meanie, now in its 5th year.

Mike Bucell is also co-editor of Meanie, a Boston-based poetry magazine. he’s an occasional contributor of poetry to the radio program “Here and Now” on WBUR, the Boston NPR station. his poems have appeared in Nerve Cowboy, No Exit, Pegasus, and Parnassus Literary Journal.

Del Ray Cross has been asked on numerous occasions to contribute to his own poetry journal. he would like to send his electronic appreciation to John Tranter for blessing the world with Jacket magazine.

Jamine Ergas is a San Francisco Bay Area native who began writing poetry as a way to vent about the fact that she couldn’t always have exactly what she wanted. she finds much joy in expressing her internal stirrings for others’ consumption. snack cautiously!

Diane Harman is a fantabulous ShampooArtist. she lives in New Concord, Ohio with her husband and her cat and her fishies.

Carolyn Gregory has lived in Boston for nearly 20 years. she’s published in American Poetry Review and Seattle Review and works at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Jack Kimball has just moved back to Boston after living in Japan for eight years. he continues editing The East Village, and will be launching a first round of books and e-books this fall for Faux Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cassie Lewis is an Australian poet currently living in California. her first books, ‘High Country’ and ‘Winter District,’ will soon be published by Little Esther (Aus) and Potes and Poets Press (US), respectively.

Angelo Monaco wants you to invite him to your next party. he also wants you to keep in mind he lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Alex O’Neil works at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. she remains a reluctant poet and a procrasting writer who usually writes from provocation. she began writing short stories and poems in her early teens. her dream is to publish short stories and perhaps a novel or two.

Michele Pagen can often be found somewhere in the wilds of southwestern Pennsylvania, maybe even grading a paper or two. this is her first rendezvous with a poetry journal.

Anna Ross now lives and writes in her brand new home in Dorchester, Massachusetts, under the watchful eye of her cat Melvin.

Suzy Saul converses with her automobile to and from her home in Jamaica Pond, Massachusetts.

Zinovy Vayman is a world traveler and a haibun-ist extraordinaire.

Beth Woodcome feels horribly blah when it comes to bios. she lives in Brookline, Massachusetts and has been published in Worcester Magazine and Meanie and was an editor for Suffolk University’s lit mag for 3 years.

Kirby Wright is a former winner of The Ann Fields Poetry Prize, The Academy of American Poets Award, and the Robert Browning Award for Dramatic Monologue. his first novel is making the rounds in New York.

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