T.J. Meneely

Park Woman Proof

         : this is more than
           assembly of rooms
           (board, bed, bath)

         : Earthquakes are acid flashbacks
           or self-pity welling from the ground.
           Or springs sod tantrums,
           tectonic fits in drier districts

         : Volcanoes are pimples or nocturnal emissions.

this woman is a bad grain trip

a lit core orgasm fonte. Youth font.

         : Hips suggest
           that headboards are not broken
           except by the slow sanding pillows

           and fletched finger tipped arrows
           on arms pushed back

         : The screens of the lamps knocked around my jaw,         : Her palate was just sitting outside
           before I came to call and spilled my drink

it is my right to wonder
if her blushing sides flare

become dawn with the close of business day,
or just remain dusty brown when
I wrap them, wet in diamonds, at the sink.

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