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S H A M P O O   22

SHAMPOOArt by Brian Fugett

Shane Allison has been called a faggot, a nigger, and a genius.  he’s a Pisces living in Florida who has aspirations to write for Interview magazine.  he has two chapbooks out, Black Fag and Cock and Balls.  he is on the down low with poet, Jarret Keene.

Brian Dean Bollman is an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University, sometimes a nymph, sometimes a fish whose poems have appeared in various literary magazines.

Ash Bowen lives in Texarkana, Arkansas, which is The Town That Dreaded Sundown.  he is the father of two children, both of whom share equal credit for hanging the moon.  his girlfriend, the famous chef Jennifer Hughes, ain’t too shabby either.

Otto Chan was born with the roosters.  he’s got hotstuff punch and a mean walnut prawn.

Amanda Chiado is beginning an MFA program at California College of Arts this fall.  her work has recently appeared in Blue Mesa Review.  no worries, her poetry has been thoroughly washed in strawberry shampoo, like her cats, and they all smell fabulous!

Clayton A. Couch.  yeah, and he was here once before, too.

Tom Daley works cutting metal in the mold repair department of a local rubber mill where the exhaust from the turnpike adjacent to the plant passes for fresh air.  his poetry has appeared in can we have our ball back?, Prairie Schooner, Archipelago, Pemmican, Perihelion, Salamander, and Yemassee.

Kae De Cotiis spends a lot of her free time looking for UFOs and, ironically, usually only uses conditioner (whoops!).

Peach Friedman has been writing poems.  having spent most of her life in Virginia, she’s crazy about grits and buttered biscuits, pickup trucks, and stinky men.

authorities in San Francisco claim that Brian Fugett has been incarcerated numerous times for publicly milking West Nile Virus from the tits of pregnant mosquitoes.  ask him about it at and he will tell you it’s all a pack of lies perpetuated by Governor Schwarzenegger and his motley crew of advisors who are hellbent on derailing his career as a top-notch SHAMPOO artist.

Nicholas Grider is from Milwaukee, which “deserves its bad reputation,” and is enrolled in several grad schools at once, which is actually easier than it sounds (though not necessarily wise).

Elizabeth Hughey teaches cheerleading and tumbling at UMass-Amherst.  she is upset that most green candy is now green apple instead of lime.

Travis Jeppesen is alive, supposedly.  when he’s not writing poetry, he might be listening to Gorgoroth or Darkthrone or even Schloss Tegal.  he also wrote a novel called Victims (Akashic, 2003).

Stephanie Kartalopoulos officially boycotts any restaurant that claims Thai-Mediterranean fusion to be a good idea.  she also says that people in Boston drive as if they want to live inside a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  this is also an official statement.

Mary Kasimor.  in her youth she watched every “Twin Peaks” episode, which influenced her view of living in the heart of the country.  to find meaning in all these contradictions, she’s had to try to write her way out of it.

Scott Keeney still is, but has hopped on the blog bandwagon with Nobody in the rain.

Elena Knox is in Sumatra at the moment and can’t think of anything literary to say.  her trusty travel shampoo has nearly run out.

individual entries on Richard Kostelanetz appear in Contemporary Poets, Contemporary Novelists, Postmodern Fiction, Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers, Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature, Webster’s Dictionary of American Authors, The HarperCollins Reader’s Encyclopedia of American Literature, and Encyclopedia Britannica, among other distinguished directories.  living in New York, where he was born, he still needs two bucks to take a subway.

Corinne Lee is the author of PYX, a poetry collection which will be published by Viking-Penguin in 2004.  she is possibly descended from William Tell, who, in eternity, will surely take aim at every sud on her pate.  she just might stand for it.

Cassie Lewis needs a good night’s sleep.

Majena Mafe is a cowgirl turned wrangler, living a type of de-furred life only possible in a land where the word kangaroo really and truly means…‘I don’t have the faintest idea what your talking about’.

Diana Magallón.  “in my past life I was a fish, now I’m a juicy human being living and working in México.  my poetry has appeared in MAG, Tse-tsé, te_a_tro, and is forthcoming from MAG and Eratio.  miao!”

Corey Mesler has published in numerous journals and anthologies.  his novel, Talk, was released in 2002; a chapbook of poems, Chin-Chin in Eden, in 2003; and another chapbook, Dark on Purpose, in 2004.  he, also, once dated Prince’s girlfriend’s sister.  he runs Burke’s Book Store in Memphis, Tennessee.

Suchoon Mo is a retired college professor living in Colorado, writes poems and composes music, and has recent poems appearing in The Bitter Oleander and Dissident Editions.

K. Silem Mohammad keeps his friends close and his enemies in an old wooden shed.

Stride Press has just released Proof of Silhouettes by Sheila E. Murphy.  earlier this year, Concentricity appeared from Pleasure Boat Studio.  she resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kaya Oakes repairs comma splices, abuses semicolons, and acts the fool as a Senior Editor for Kitchen Sink magazine.  when she walks around, she leaves a trail of sugar crystals in her wake.  she can be found teaching writing at UC Berkeley, and her poems can be found in lots of places, but not, alas, in a book.

Ronald Palmer’s first collection, Logicalogics, is forthcoming from Soft Skull Press in 2005.  he rides his Kona mountain bike through Golden Gate Park and visits the bison in their fenced cafeteria.  he especially loves Ocean Beach; the glittering graffiti is pretty at sunset. is in development….check back soon for mp3s and fun photos.

Daniel Pendergrass is trying to make it work for him.  that, or maybe a very slow boat to Laos.

Julio Peralta-Paulino is a writer currently at work on several projects.  some of his recent work is featured in Jack Magazine and Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k).  he really did write the French Minister of the Interior about the modern suffering of the Jewish people there and got no reply.

Camille Roy is one of those poets.  she’s not sure why.  she maintains a blackboard for your urgent poetic scrawls — submit!

Cynthia Sailers’s first full length book, Lake Systems, is from Tougher Disguises Press.  Sailers is a California native who now lives in Alameda and co-curates the New Brutalism Reading Series in Oakland.

Suzy Saul is sometimes a Cassandra.  is always a star.

Barry Schwabsky aspires to be the first American poet to star in a Japanese whiskey commercial.  born in Paterson, New Jersey, he now lives in London and is the author of Opera: Poems 1981-2002 and [ways], both from Meritage Press.

Derrick Tyson is 22, from Georgia and enjoys poetry of all flavors, photography, film and anything to do with art (especially advant-garde/abstract/weirdness).  he often wonder what it would have been like to have played a role in Ingmar Bergman’s film Persona.  his head can also twist off like a bottle top, freely releasing shampoo bubbles into the air, popping into poetic verse.

Zinovy Vayman.  contrarian-at-large.  international haiku writer as a remedy for ills of the soul.  only 5% of his haiku are good.

Sharon Venezio is originally from New Jersey, but now resides outside of San Francisco.  you can find some of her poems in Transfer, The Northridge Review, and The Literati.  she is an MA candidate at San Francisco State University, where she excels at procrastination.  she is a foster parent to an adorable, yet bipolar kitty.

Chris Vitiello lives in Durham, North Carolina and is part of the Lucipo Poetics Group.  his Nouns Swarm a Verb appeared on Xurban Books in 2000.  he has perpetually postponed any other biographical information at the delay.

James Wagner is the author of the false sun recordings (3rd bed, 2003).  other pieces from Trilce have appeared in Bridge, gam, Parakeet, and Typo Magazine.  he writes book reviews of recent poetry books at his website, Esther Press.

Christopher Wells was born and raised.  he has loved coffee since he was eight years old.  he enjoys the passive voice when used in moderation.

Cyril Wong is the author of four books of poetry in Singapore.  the founding editor of SOFTBLOW, he also finds himself becoming a homophobic homosexual.

Kemel Zaldivar would like to apologize for his behavior at your birthday party last night.  he was very drunk and values your friendship immensely and wishes you to consider that it’s really no big deal your girlfriend’s record of undying devotion is now a little besmirched.  please tell her he is sorry about her purse, and promises to return all the money that was in it as soon as he pawns that necklace she was going to give you.

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issue #2 contributors…

Lisa Beatman is on a year-long writer’s sabbatical. she just completed an artist residency program at the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where she completed her first chapbook, Ladies Night at the Blue Hill Spa.

Jim Behrle’s first chapbook, CITY POINT, is due out in 2000 from Pressed Wafer. he co-edits Meanie, now in its 5th year.

Mike Bucell is also co-editor of Meanie, a Boston-based poetry magazine. he’s an occasional contributor of poetry to the radio program “Here and Now” on WBUR, the Boston NPR station. his poems have appeared in Nerve Cowboy, No Exit, Pegasus, and Parnassus Literary Journal.

Del Ray Cross has been asked on numerous occasions to contribute to his own poetry journal. he would like to send his electronic appreciation to John Tranter for blessing the world with Jacket magazine.

Jamine Ergas is a San Francisco Bay Area native who began writing poetry as a way to vent about the fact that she couldn’t always have exactly what she wanted. she finds much joy in expressing her internal stirrings for others’ consumption. snack cautiously!

Diane Harman is a fantabulous ShampooArtist. she lives in New Concord, Ohio with her husband and her cat and her fishies.

Carolyn Gregory has lived in Boston for nearly 20 years. she’s published in American Poetry Review and Seattle Review and works at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Jack Kimball has just moved back to Boston after living in Japan for eight years. he continues editing The East Village, and will be launching a first round of books and e-books this fall for Faux Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cassie Lewis is an Australian poet currently living in California. her first books, ‘High Country’ and ‘Winter District,’ will soon be published by Little Esther (Aus) and Potes and Poets Press (US), respectively.

Angelo Monaco wants you to invite him to your next party. he also wants you to keep in mind he lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Alex O’Neil works at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. she remains a reluctant poet and a procrasting writer who usually writes from provocation. she began writing short stories and poems in her early teens. her dream is to publish short stories and perhaps a novel or two.

Michele Pagen can often be found somewhere in the wilds of southwestern Pennsylvania, maybe even grading a paper or two. this is her first rendezvous with a poetry journal.

Anna Ross now lives and writes in her brand new home in Dorchester, Massachusetts, under the watchful eye of her cat Melvin.

Suzy Saul converses with her automobile to and from her home in Jamaica Pond, Massachusetts.

Zinovy Vayman is a world traveler and a haibun-ist extraordinaire.

Beth Woodcome feels horribly blah when it comes to bios. she lives in Brookline, Massachusetts and has been published in Worcester Magazine and Meanie and was an editor for Suffolk University’s lit mag for 3 years.

Kirby Wright is a former winner of The Ann Fields Poetry Prize, The Academy of American Poets Award, and the Robert Browning Award for Dramatic Monologue. his first novel is making the rounds in New York.

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S H A M P O O   30

Rachel Abramowitz can run and jump and wield a waffle maker with stunning precision, but only at certain latitudes.  when she is no longer 41°39’21” N, 91°31’30” W, she would very much like you to take her to an aquarium.

Diana Adams lives in Alberta, Canada.  her first book of poetry Cave Vitae is now out from Plain View Press.  she is preoccupied with poultry and wears garbage bags most days to paint with her three wee toddlers.  she is also a poetry editor for Del Sol Review.

Michael Aiken can recall having sighted one or more live wild foxes 5 times within the last 20 years: on the beach at Copacabana (NSW, not the Other Copa) in 1993; from a distance in the hills around Oberon in the late 80s or early 90s; at Guthega, summer 92-93 (a particularly memorable occasion, the fox being very young, very close, in daylight and in no rush to flee); along the freight rail lines beside White Bay power station in 2001, and possibly once at the end of NotEvilMatt’s street in Hackney, 1998.

Stan Apps is a poet and essayist, originally from Toronto, Canada, and Waco, Texas.  currently, the gusty winds of Capital are tearing him loose from his root-system in Los Angeles, California, and transplanting him to Tampa, Florida.  his books are Info Ration (Make Now) and soft hands (Ugly Duckling); upcoming books include God’s Livestock Policy (Les Figues) and Why I Joined the Avant-Garde (essays from Combo Books).

Lindsey Boldt is a very silly person who lives behind a curtain in the Western Addition.  she recently graduated from The Evergreen State College and has been wandering bewilderedly around San Francisco ever since.

Otto Chan, purple-haired provocateur.

Ron Czerwien is the owner of Avol’s, a used and out-of-print book store in Madison, Wisconsin.  a few of his false translations of poems by René Char appeared in Moria.  “Chaos Shirt” is from a manuscript in progress titled L(B)ean, containing poems excavated from product descriptions in the L. L. Bean catalog.  the questions most frequently asked by his customers can be found here.

Martha L. Deed lives in North Tonawanda, New York, on the Erie Canal where she watches skinny coyotes slipping on the ice in winter.  therefore, she washes her hair at home.  her chapbook, 65 x 65, was published in December, 2006 by Peter Ganick’s small chapbook project.

Andrew Demcak’s new book of poetry, Catching Tigers in Red Weather, won the Three Candle Press 2007 Open Book Prize.  its publication is forthcoming from Three Candles Press, and it will be available at Barnes and Noble,, and other fine retailers.  he is currently working on his second Master’s Degree, an MLIS, at U. C. Berkeley.  when he is not hard at work driving the Bookmobile for Oakland Public Library, he can be found attending “GuyWriters” poetry readings at Anthony’s house in San Francisco, or eating Tibetan momos with his partner, Peter.  viva Wallace Stevens!

Arpine Konyalian Grenier has graduate degrees in science and the arts.  her work has appeared in How2, Columbia Poetry Review, Sulfur, The Iowa Review, Big Bridge, and elsewhere.  she loves to shampoo with Cioran, Mahler, Scriabin, Piazzola, pomegranates, and eggplant.

Anne Heide was born in the same year as Swatch, Jaws 3-D, and the McNugget.  she edits the journal CAB/NET out of Denver.  you can find her poems elsewhere at Coconut, Octopus, Dusie, Sidebrow, and No Tell Motel, among others.

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa’s first poetry book, Skin Museum, contains no FD&C; Red or Blue.  her second book, Aquiline, kills most bacteria and fungi, including their spores.  either book may rehydrate, soften and restore dry or chemically-treated hair.

Tom Laverty is an MA candidate at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior.  in his spare time he works as a lamplighter in Marquette’s 163rd district.  he is currently looking for a used weight bench, and two ten-pound hand weights.

Cassie Lewis lives in upstate New York with her partner, George Getman, and two cats.  they divide their time among a variety of settings. George takes photos constantly, few see them. Cassie collects books she intends to read but rarely finishes.  in her mind things happen and then she sometimes acts.  the world is very beautiful and still but with great fury when you move closer.  in winter it snows.

Diana Magallón is a graphic designer iaa, iaaa, o

Ben Mirov is 26 years old.  he lives in San Francisco, but is moving to New York very soon to attend the New School’s MFA program in creative writing.  he spends some of his time writing about music here, and some of his time editing here and here.  today he ate a cup of coffee, a banana, three chocolate chip cookies, and some vitamins.

Catherine Paquette is a Montreal-based writer whose work has appeared in various Canadian publications, and most recently her long-poem chapbook was published by Mercutio Press.  when not engrossed in words, she dedicates herself to watching L-Word tribute videos on YouTube by candlelight.

Alveraz Ricardez is a skilled tambourine man and ostrich jockey, also known to moonlight as the co-editor of Kill Poet Press & Journal.

Xu Smith lives between quotation marks.  she co-edits Electronic Poetry Review.  she ghost rides the whip in Oakland, California.

Matina L. Stamatakis is an ex photographer currently residing in upstate New York as a card merchandiser and mother on the brink of sanity.  when she feels closer to the edge (at least twice a week) she takes it as a perfect opportunity to write poetry.  some of her most recent works have appeared in Dusie, Free Verse, Nthposition, and Otoliths.

Ann Stephenson is a southern girl living in New York City.  her chapbook is called Wirework and her poems have appeared in MIRAGE #4/PERIOD(ical), Saint Elizabeth Street, Sal Mimeo, and TYPO.  she thinks about shampooing more than she actually shampoos.

John Moore Williams.  smile live wire, lie where ominous hopes rejoinder.  render I o joy, see poor houses sound immanent raw isles.  John’s work can also be found at Kill Poet and Venereal Kittens.

Kathryn Zurlo lives in Connecticut and loves cheese.  she likes to use words that earned you a bar of soap in the mouth when you were little.

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S H A M P O O   34  Contributors


Nora Almeida lives in Brooklyn with her two cats, Whitman and Goose.  her poems have recently appeared in Phoebe, Tight, and Other Rooms.  she has also managed to grow a thriving Habanero pepper plant in her bedroom window which yields peppers so spicy that they are almost inedible.

Steven Alvarez: firm believer in the lather-rinse-repeat methodology, and English(y) Ph.D. student at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Eric Amling is the proprietor of Human Hair & Co..  his new chapbook Split Level Igloo is available there.  motto: don’t trust a pickle that has never been in the jar.

Geoffrey Babbitt is a Ph.D. student in poetry at the University of Utah and a part time sous chef in Salt Lake City’s only one star restaurant.

GeLeCa BaNeNe is Geoffrey Babbitt, Levi Negley, and Cami Nelson (see separate bios elsewhere on page).

Ed Barrett was called Eddie Barracuda on the Holy Family Grammar School swim team in Brooklyn long before Sarah Palin got christened with that fish’s name, and he earned it for nicer reasons (bantamweight, fast in pool).  recently concluded his Boston Trilogy of prose-poem novels with publication of Bosston (2008).  lives near, but does not swim in, Charles River, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Melissa Broder is a literary publicist, as well as an MFA student at The City College of New York, where she recently won The 2008 Stark Poetry Prize and The 2008 Jerome Lowell Dejur Award.  she is the curator of Polestary Poetry Series and her work most recently appears in Opium Magazine and Del Sol Review.  Broder’s karaoke standard is “Magic Man” by Heart.

Laynie Browne thinks this is the longest pre-election period ever.  she suggests frequent doses of Jon Stewart and Captain Underpants to counter the daily news.

Emily Brungo once won a big poetry award when she was a student at Carnegie Mellon University.  she is really excited about her fantasy football team and that New Kids on the Block got back together.

Zach Buscher always lives and writes, and occasionally teaches and serves as Poetry Editor for Sonora Review, in Tucson, AZ.  originally from the Wild West of Massachusetts, Zach is busy finishing up his MFA at The University of Arizona, where he is a Beverly Roger’s Fellow.  though not excessively tall, he must crouch down whilst taking a shower.

Jordan Davis works in a non-glamorous role in the financial services industry.  his poems have appeared in Court Green, Shiny, and Abraham Lincoln.  his prose shows up from time to time in the TLS and The Nation.  with Chris Edgar he edits the milliner’s trade publication, The Hat.

Panika M. C. Dillon hails from Fairbanks, Alaska and Austin, Texas.  she recently received her MFA in creative-writing poetry from Sarah Lawrence College.  she thinks that brushing her teeth in the shower is one of the most novel things in the world.

Patrick Duggan is originally from New Hampshire, and has studied photography and literature at Emerson College in Boston, and writing at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.  he is editor and co-founder, along with Elliot Harmon and Marcus Merritt, of Idiolexicon, and his poems and articles have appeared in numerous journals, including: Beeswax, Floating Holiday, Hazmat Review, Mirage, Monday Night Lit, Noö Journal, Oranges and Sardines, Parthenon West Review, and 26 Magazine.

Thomas Fink’s fifth book of poetry is Clarity and Other Poems (Marsh Hawk Press, 2008).  he recently edited and wrote introductions for selected volumes by Eileen Tabios and Mark Young.  he tried to keep his hair tall for the last few years but gave up this past summer when he realized that greater attention to grooming than he could comfortably handle would be required.

Samantha Giles recently got carried away at Costco and bought a set of industrial-sized containers of Panteen Pro V, a brand of beauty enhancing products she has never tested on her straight, fine, flat, head of hair.  if you find her dull and lifeless in the coming months, you now know why.

Kristin Hatch is yay public libraries go libraries libraries rule go public libraries.

Glenn Ingersoll helps run the San Francisco reading series, Poetry & Pizza.  he maintains two blogs, LoveSettlement and Dare I Read.  he lives in Berkeley.  six months ago, he decided never to write another poem.  “I’ve written thousands of poems,” he says.  “those old poems need to be cleaned.  that’s a fulltime job right there.”

Eleanor Johnson is a scholar and poet, living, writing, and teaching in Oakland.  her visual-verbal dialogue with artist Jessica Serran will be published as a chapbook this Winter by Achiote Press.

Sarah Kobrinsky grew up in Winnipeg and Fargo.  she loafed in London for a while and now resides in San Francisco with her growing hat collection.

Lori Lamothe has a propensity for jalapeno poppers, little scented candles, and vampires.  despite the fact that she lives in Massachusetts, she knows virtually nothing about the Red Sox.  new poems and reviews are forthcoming this fall at Eclectica, Linebreak, Switched-on Gutenberg, Front Porch Journal,, and other magazines.

Eric Lindley will ask you for help someday, and you will pin his fingers against the roof-ledge with the toe of your snakeskin boot.  you’ll find yourself making love like an eagle with Eric Lindley, just before you hit the ground.

Levi Negley is an M.F.A. student in poetry at the University of Utah and is known for public séances he holds with Larry Eigner.

Cami Nelson is a Ph.D. student in poetry at the University of Utah and has the initials CKN.

Laura M. Nesbit is taking a year off to write between graduation from Drake University and graduate school.  last year she studied in Norwich, England, and now lives in Iowa City, Iowa.  she enjoys painting and collage as well as accumulating strange information.

Andy Nicholson is currently reading Christopher Pike’s Sati.  Christopher Pike.  yes.

Bette O’Callaghan comes over as a superannuated rock chick, well past her sell by date but still showing glimpses of her former glamour and glory.  been there, done that, snorted it, jacked it up, sucked it off, fucked it up and still here to tell the tale.  and what tales!  a true grande dame in the Bette Davis mould.  writes and performs with great panache.”  Baden Prince, Speakeasy, London, England.

Misti Rainwater-Lites has lots of books for sale at Lulu, including a full-length poetry collection entitled Dangerous Hair.  Misti once walked inside a bank in Albuquerque, New Mexico wearing a turquoise wig and wondered why the security guard glowered at her with blatant animosity.  one of these days Misti’s full-length poetry collection, Cuntasaurus Rex, will be available on Tainted Coffee Press.

Ron Paul Salutsky is transitioning from Pantene to Pert, and enjoys a scrub with hot olive oil in the winter and a treatment of deer urine, if he can squeeze by the ASPCA, in the summer.  his work appears under the US-11/I-60 interchange, and in the bathroom stall at Ruby Tuesdays.  he’s got a fever for the flavor.

Tyler David Sherman is a perfectly decent person.  he has written three novels, and keeps a blog of current writing here.

Cedar Sigo is 30 years old.  his most recent book is Expensive Magic.  his current obsessions include Neil Young–On the Beach, Alan Davies–Name, and Try Magazine.

Randy Thurman snaps sock monkeys and then disappears into the jungle.

Eva Tseng is from New York, where the girls are extraordinarily beautiful and extraordinarily cold.  she favors odd numbers and wears stilettos.

Nico Wijaya is a fantastique artiste who presently (malheureusement!) hails from the East.

Mike Young broke into MC Oroville’s house and stole his answering machine.  then he felt guilty and ate it instead.  and here’s his blog

SHAMPOOArt on Contributors’ Page by Misti Rainwater-Lites

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S H A M P O O   31

Scott Abels has made a fat handfull of chapbooks and broadsides, mostly from stealing resources from MFA programs.  he is from Nebraska or he is from Kansas, at times from Idaho, but he is never from California.  currently, he is Professor of English at the fabulously unaccredited Universidad del Mar on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, where he gets bit by dogs.  he is beginning to believe in magic.

Helene Achanzar lives in and loves the Midwest.  sometimes she writes.  sometimes she flies kites.

Shane Allison has not written a poem in over two years because he has sold his soul to the writing of erotic fiction.  his chapbook of po’try I Want to Fuck a Redneck, is out from Scintillating Publications.  drop him a line if you would like a copy.

Hosannah Asuncion grew up near the 710 and 105 freeways of Los Angeles.  she currently lives near a 3/4 stop in Brooklyn and here.

Christopher Barnes.  Chanticleer published his 1st collection, Lovebites, £2.40 from Richard Livermore, 6/1 Jamaica Mews, Edinburgh EH3 6HN.  Chris is also a policital activist for RESPECT, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and Stop The War—and is very into Northern Soul music.

when Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal isn’t writing or working, you can find him each September, rocking out in the desert at the annual Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven Camp Out in the Yucca Valley.  his first chapbook, Without Peace, was relased this summer (2007) by Kendra Steiner Editions.

Tamiko Beyer is a member of Agent 409, a queer writing workshop that meets each week in an undisclosed location.  she is currently knitting an orange string bikini, hopefully to be completed by next summer.  check out her wondering home.

Julian T. Brolaski co-curated the Holloway Poetry Series at UC Berkeley from 2004-2006 and the New Brutalism series in Oakland from 2003-2005 (with Cynthia Sailers).  Brolaski is the author of Letters to Hank Williams (True West Press, 2003), The Daily Usonian (Atticus/Finch 2004), Madame Bovary’s Diary (Cy Press 2005) and the defunct blog Swimming for Dummies (under the pseudonym Tanya Brolaski).  sie lives in Brooklyn and is writing hir dissertation on rhyme in medieval, Renaissance, and Apache poetries.

Avery Burns lives in Walnut Creek and BARTs to downtown San Francisco on a daily basis.  other than currently re-reading the Romantics after a 25 year hiatus, he’s trying to keep a low profile.

Laura Carter lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jennifer Chang’s first book of poems, The History of Anonymity, is forthcoming from University of Georgia Press.  she began reading Our Mutual Friend this summer and still has 200 pages to go.

Del Ray Cross does not consider this work.

Oliver de la Paz is the author of two books of poetry: Names above Houses (SIU Press 2001) and Furious Lullaby (SIU Press 2007).  he is currently mastering “Strutter” on Guitar Hero II.

Jennifer Dannenberg.  go go go.

Peter Davis has a book of poems called Hitler’s Mustache.  he blogs here.  his son, who’s almost 5, really likes that “Conquest” song on the new White Stripes CD.  it’s about to drive everyone crazy.

Emily Kendal Frey

Sarah Gambito rules.

Marco Giovenale is the bodyless head who trembles and howls behind a counter full of some twenty-nine thousand stacks of piles of packed pyramids of dusty tomes and volumes in an antiquarian bookshop in the very centre of Arkham (once known as Rome).  he’s editor of e-zines and I-problems.  his main activity is climbing ladders, wasting time, telling the customers “sorry – try again next month”.  age: 38.  cage: 7.  he’s also at

Rachel Gray rocks.

Kevin Griffith’s new book is Denmark, Kangaroo, Orange, which won the 2006 Pearl Poetry Prize.  he lives in Columbus with his wife and three kids and teaches at Capital University, consistently ranked as one of the top ten most generically named universities in the country.

Kate Hall has been wearing the same dress for three days.  she is thinking of getting her bangs trimmed because they are covering her best feature.  she has a little red dog named Flynn and over two hundred Barbies in various stages of undress.

Megan Hartline was once a secretary for an entomologist.

Alexander Jorgensen.  wakes up indulging in queer tirades.  counts as one of his dearest friends the late Robert Creeley.  has suffered from existential homelessness while learning to communicate.  attempts to remind the developed world just how apples once tasted.

Janine Joseph was born in the Philippines, and now lives in both California and New York, where she recently completed her MFA at New York University.  she is a Kundiman fellow who recently won a poetry contest by shaking her hips.

Scott Keeney lives with his two kids and their mom in Connecticut where he is soaking up the best days of the Bush presidency: first a halfway decent attempt at immigration reform, and then the colonoscopy—just wow.  his self-published blogbooks include Pickpocket Poetica and Sappho Does Hay(na)ku.

Rathanak Michael Keo is Cambodian-American food addict.  he is weary of drive thrus and waiters because he cannot order food correctly in any language.

Rong Lee lives in New York and works in Chinatown.  he is an enthusiast of the Japanese obstacle-course game show Ninja Warrior, which he is currently training for.  or talking about training for.

Joseph O. Legaspi is the author of Imago, a poetry collection from CavanKerry Press.  born in the Philippines, he now resides in Manhattan and works at Columbia University.  he co-founded Kundiman, a non-profit organization serving Asian American poets.

Cassie Lewis is a poet and writer living in Rochester, New York.  she is a postcard fan from way back.

Christina Lopez.  Fruit fly extraordinaire,/ social worker superhero/ I feel tingly and minty fresh.

Nicholas Manning is in denial over Serge Gainsbourg’s death.  his new chapbook, Novaless I-XXVI, is out from Achiote Press.  he is the editor of the video-forum for contemporary poetry and poetics, The Continental Review.

H.E. Mantel is an Aquarian Male, Poet/Writer Published and Posted Online; Musician-Vocalist, an avid Reader, Athlete, and Devotee of Holistic Health through Vegan Lifestyle, Ecology and His Writing to Help Our Earth to Heal.  He Resides in Florida.

Sonia Mukherji is a Kundiman fellow.  she has previously been published in The Little Magazine and Stylus.  when she’s not writing, she enjoys collecting fables and devising stratagems.

Sara Mumolo is related to every other living Mumolo.  she has great hair and luscious bangs and works as an Information Specialist at the Fantastic Freedom Institute.  you can search her at Google.

Mika Nagasaki is a happy Kundiman poet, Nisei (or 1.75-sei), and multi-lingual translator (in no particular order).  she keeps her hair long because she does not like to blow-dry in the mornings.

Laura Navratil recently moved to Alabama.  she has discovered the most foolproof way to kill roaches: whacking them with pink checkered Vans.

no, Andy Nicholson has never flown a helicopter.  he wishes such rumors would end.

John Oakey is an undergrad at Brown until 2010 who enjoys Billy Collins’s poetry, Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, and loves his mother (nothin’ strange about that!).

Ronald Palmer is a lazy hippie with a corpo-haircut that he washes with Kiehl’s Lecithin conditioning shampoo, which smells like baby love so soft. logicalogics is updated periodically to amuse your mouth.

Soham Patel teaches at the University of Colorado.  she had one dreadlock once.

Paul Siegell has lived amongst the Cathedral of Learning, the Magic Kingdom, GA 400’s King & Queen, and now the Liberty Bell.  all this nincompoopery began from a road trip starting at Exit 35 on the L.I.E.  check out what concert parking lots (“Whooo’s got my publisher?”) he and his friends have goofed around in at ReVeLeR@eYeLeVeL.

Doreen Wang waves.

Debbie Yee is an attorney who writes poetry by lunch and night.  she lives in San Francisco, but encountered Charlottesville, Virginia as a Kundiman fellow.  she serves on the boards of Asian American Women Artists Association and ZYZZYVA.  read more here.

Stephanie Young lives in Oakland by Lake Merritt.  she wants to move to a single-story dwelling preferably on somewhat firmer soil, like even Temescal looks better per the shaking hazard maps.  her book is Telling the Future Off.  current projects include Deep Oakland.

Tim Yu lives in Chicago, teaches in Toronto, almost never blogs here, and uses Perfect Coat dog shampoo.

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S H A M P O O   36  Contributors

Sherman Alexie is the author of many books, including a new collection of poetry, Face, from Hanging Loose Press.  he started his writing career in the mimeographed micro-presses and is overjoyed to have recently discovered that same independent energy in the online magazine world.  he apologizes for being such a Luddite sloth.

Stan Apps washes his hair with Paul Mitchell Teatree Oil Shampoo, or else anything made out of petroleum and roses.  his poems are in books, such as Info Ration (Make Now), God’s Livestock Policy (Les Figues), and Handbook of Poetic Language (eohippus labs).  his essays will be in a book: The World as Phone Bill, forthcoming this year from Combo Books.

Louis Armand:  LA-Prague.  close to the scalp.  twice a day.

Robert J. Baumann feels a very special sort of embarrassment when he rubs the crown of his head with his palm.  he doesn’t really know what to say ever, which is probably the reason he hasn’t called Jody Wood since having a nice time with her on September 5, 2009.

Lucas Bernhardt is temporarily in New Zealand, teaching.  he will soon return to Oregon, or Iowa, or wherever filial piety is threatened.

Megan Breiseth is an Oakland poet and Hollywood wife.  her favorite possession right now is her Barack Obama action figure, who tends to point his finger at her in a strangely motivating way.

Will Burke is a hands on hands off kinda guy.  the authorities and his girlfriend no longer bother with him.  he currently helps Hawa, Batula, Seynab, Ali, Mechan, and others sell produce.  finally, he is all BSG all BSG the time.

Christopher Cheney was just named “Mr Massachusetts” for the third year in a row.  visit here for information about the next competition.

Marisa Crawford grew up in New York and in Connecticut, and currently lives in San Francisco where she works as a copywriter.  some of her poems have appeared in Invisible Ear, Big Bell, GlitterPony, and Parthenon West.  her first full-length manuscript, The Haunted House, was the winner of the 2008 Gatewood Prize, and is forthcoming from Switchback Books.

Aaron Crippen is a National Endowment for the Arts Literary Fellow with a cowlick issue, never quite resolved.  he leans toward the pseudo-Nordic-scientific in hair products.  it shows.

Peter Davis’ book of poems is Hitler’s Mustache.  he lives in Indiana with this sweet wife and these two sweet kids.  and he goes, “and you may find yourself in a beautiful house / with a beautiful wife / and you may ask yourself / well, how did I get here?”  he’s got a website.

Susan Denning lives and writes in Portland, Oregon.  she loves animals.

Denise Dooley has a new plan to not spend any money south of Devon or north of Howard till May.  b/c what if you just try and love what you love?

Laurie Duggan currently lives in England.  his most recent book is Crab & Winkle (Exeter, Shearsman, 2009).  he stopped coloring his hair some years back and now eagerly awaits the bus pass.

Mark Stephen Finein earned his BFA from Buffalo State in 1986, specializing in surrealistic wood block printmaking, lithography, and 3D constructions.  now that he’s shaken off the demon of representationalism, he’s proud to be showing his visual artwork publicly for the first time in two decades.  it was rumored but unsubstantiated that one of his songs was used in a short industrial video about the dangers of drug use on the job.

Ricky Garni is a graphic designer and writer living in Carrboro, North Carolina.  until the day he can write a line as good as jamabalaya and a crawfish pie and fillet gumbo ’cause tonight I’m gonna see my ma cher amio, he will continue to be the broken man who stands before you tonight.

Amy Garrett-Brown teaches writing at George Mason University.  she lives in Northern Virginia with her hairy husband, film-maker and rocker Thomas Brown; Harold, their healthy and happy 10 lb. Rhinelander rabbit; the love of Harold’s life, a frisky black and white bunny named Rue McClanahan; and a guinea pig with a silky shiny coat, named Ruth Brown.  Amy recently bought a new vacuum.

Angela Genusa learned the four principles of healthy poetry and art (Bouncy, Spring, Shiny, Fluffy) at the Jaclyn Smith Military Academy for Beauty, Poetry, Art, and Poise.  she is a licensed poetry aesthetician and art manicurist.

Christoph Girard habitually sends flirty text messages to radical queer theorists when he isn’t finishing an MFA at UC Santa Cruz.  despite suffering from cabin fever amid the coast redwoods, he manages to collage poetry that offers a symbolic relationship with the exterior.  his recent series of 11-line poems entitled Ten and One Left explore the use of public language that is written and translated to the outsider by the outsider who writes to the public and its busy surroundings.

Eli Halpern rocks.

Alisa Heinzman lives in Oakland and attends Saint Mary’s MFA program.  she recently abandoned her antiquated, water-based hair rinser for a shiny, Starfleet issue sonic shower.  believe me, she groks it!

Luke Humphries whoops heinie.

Russell Jaffe runs O Sweet Flowery Roses blog/journal (BLOURNAL).  he has all the birds, all the potatoes, and is trying to get the things.  he hoped the long winter would yield a harvest of fresh nouns.

Alexander Jorgensen says: “‘Art’ with lowercase or capital vowel is really no matter for me.  what is important, rather, is that I am intentional in my communication — that I say to whomever: ‘here we are.’”  among his many peculiarities, Mr. Jorgensen has a fine soap and comfy sock fetish.

Raud Kennedy is a dog trainer in Portland, Oregon.  more of his work can be found here.

Caroline Klocksiem is a googler and is googleable.  she prefers things that are orange to things that are not, and authentic poo to sham poo.

erica lewis is a fine arts publicist in San Francisco, where she curates the Canessa Gallery Reading Series.  her work has appeared or is forthcoming in P-Queue, Ur Vox, Cricket Online Review, alice blue, and BOOG CITY, among others; chapbooks include publications from Etherdome Press and Queue.  she is currently being haunted by a ghost of herself.

Alana Madison writes poems that seem to get published, and has a daughter that has chosen not to be published.

Anthony Madrid lives in Chicago.  recent (or pending) publications include Agni Online, Cincinnati Review, Lit, Now Culture, 6X6, and Web Conjunctions.  the title of his manuscript is The Getting Rid of That of the That Which Cannot Be Done Without.

Esa Mäkijärvi (b. 1984) is a poet and a critic from Helsinki, Finland.  his first poetry collection, Yökiipijä (Nightclimber), was published by Leevi Lehto’s Ntamo publishing house in 2007.  the poems included in this issue are translations from the original book, which was written in Finnish.

Ian M. McCarty is a poet and bon vivant who occasionally tests to see if he has developed telekinetic powers.  furthermore, he is a person of convictions and adamant that the highest form of any cuisine is expressed via The Sandwich.  he wonders if you’re going to finish that.

rob mclennan lives in Ottawa, Canada’s glorious capital city, is the author of some twenty poetry, fiction, and non-fiction trade books in four countries, and blogs here.  his daughter and student loan are now both old enough to drink in the province of Quebec.  he already knows she would be more fun, but would probably complain more.

Michael Montlack is the editor of My Diva: 65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them (University of Wisconsin Press, 2009).  he splits his time between New York City, where he teaches at Berkeley College, and San Francisco.  he is, without a doubt, a Hummus Sexual.

Anjali Khosla Mullany: Olivia’s sis married a Mullany and pieced together a little Fuji.  good on ya, no worries mate!

Caitlyn Paley has had work featured in Moria Poetry Journal and the Ledger Line.  she suffers from a crippling Photoshop addiction.

Stephen Ratcliffe’s (Reading the Unseen: (Offstage) Hamlet) is forthcoming from Counterpath this fall.  REAL, 474 pages written in 474 consecutive days, was published by Avenue B in 2007.  two more recent manuscripts, CLOUD / RIDGE (also 474 pages) and HUMAN / NATURE (1,000 pages), appear in ubu editions’ “Publishing the Unpublishable” series.  the complete (14 hour) reading/performance of HUMAN / NATURE at UC Davis is available at PennSound.  he lives in Bolinas and teaches at Mills College in Oakland.

Matt Reeck enjoys living in Brooklyn, New York; he has also enjoyed living in New Delhi, India and Seoul, Korea; he also enjoys reminiscing about those times and places (as he’s doing now …).  he uses shampoo once a week.

Daniel C. Remein lives in Brooklyn, New York, holds an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh, and is a Ph.D. student in Medieval Literature at NYU.  he also edits the journal Whiskey & Fox.  Daniel desperately would like to have a border collie named ‘Sheep’ as a companion animal.

Ryan B. Richey grew his hair out on the sides so he can use shampoo again.  it gives him supershine, superbody, and he smells fresh as a meadow.

Paul Siegell just learned the word “contrail” existed and is psyched because he can now describe the white lines that planes poop out with only one word.  Paul is the author of Poemergency Room (Otoliths Books, 2008) and the forthcoming jambandbootleg (A-Head, 2009).  he is a staff editor at Painted Bride Quarterly and tinkers with stuff at ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL.

Suejin Suh, who is a native Long Islander, has been living in Cheongju, South Korea for the past three years.  she will soon be washing her stubbornly straight locks in Seoul.  Tom and Suejin hope Gus gets the hang of walking on a leash soon.

Eileen Tabios is pissed that her hair is thinning.  so far, that (thankfully) hasn’t made it into her poetry.  you are invited to visit her as the Chatelaine.

Steve Tills finally published his “golf poetry” book RUGH STUFF, after nearly five years of having to put it off because dried-up funds and cranky spirit during Bush-Cheney years disinclined him to indulge in such “extravagant spending.”  recently relocated to lovely, pastoral Palmyra, New York, where he and his wife have purchased their first home and where Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).  TRUE saint-poet David Bromige, Steve’s dearly loved mentor, passed away recently (June 3rd) and this passing will be softly mourned for many, many years.

TC Tolbert pees in the shower.  not accidentally and not occasionally.  when s/he has an idea that a shower is looming, pee is held for that future occasion.  this practice is based on the hypothesis (not his own) that peeing on the feet prevents (or does it kill?) Athlete’s Foot.  s/he is an athlete and has never had Athlete’s Foot.

Gautam Verma reports: “my wife and I live in Piacenza, Italy where we are kept company by our very own behemoth (of Master & Margarita fame) instigator of things poetic and not, weighing-in at a svelte 9 kilos.  I have a trio of e-chaps: Tombs and In Ladakh from Shearsman and Soundings from Blaze Vox.  my first full-length manuscript, The Opacity of Frosted Glass, should shortly be available at Moria Books.”

Dana Ward lives in Cincinnati where he edits Cy Press.  he is the author of Goodnight Voice (House Press 2008) and the Drought (Open 24hrs, forthcoming 2009).  he couldn’t wait for spring.

when Arisa White’s mom was pregnant with her, she would crave fried chicken from Bee’s Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.  as a toddler, Arisa would wake every time her uncle came home late at night, cry out, and he would rescue her from the crib.  they would sit and eat fried chicken and scrambled eggs with ketchup.  she will write a poem about this.

Zhuang Yisa lives in Singapore.  his poetry has been published in Yuan Yang (Hong Kong), ditch, (Canada), The Salt River Review, Eight Octaves, Numinous, Quarterly Review Singapore, Red River Review, and The Smoking Poet, amongst others.  he also reviews for The Substation Magazine, an online arts journal based in Singapore.

SHAMPOOArt by Angela Genusa

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Malaika King Albrecht is completely herself these last couple of days — painted orange-and-purple, Malaika’s decked out with shelves for fresh fruits and vegetables…

Shane Allison loves Chris forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.  and Ever.

Eric Beeny is 27.  his poultry (“chicken-shit scribblings”) has appeared in 5AM, 32 Poems, King Log, Main Street Rag, Nuthouse, and others.  a while back this thing happened to him that was kind of strange and funny, and, not too long after, he mentioned it to someone.  and that’s the story of the first time he ever told an anecdote.

Cindy Carlson lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where she works as a teacher and works on stopping time by writing about it over and over in her poetry.

Jeff Crouch
                    in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex of Texas.
                    culture as history, politics, and art, the conjunction thereof.
                    time as Moebius strip.
                    splicing poetry into it.

Michael Farrell has three books: ode ode (Salt), BREAK ME OUCH (3 Deep) and a raiders guide (Giramondo).  his PhD research at Melbourne University is in the field of stillness and quietude studies.

Robert Glück is the author of nine books of poetry and fiction, including two novels, Margery Kempe and Jack the Modernist, and a book of poems and short prose, Reader.  his latest is Denny Smith (stories).  in 2004, Coach House Press published Biting The Error: Writers on Narrative, a juicy anthology edited by Camille Roy, Mary Berger, Gail Scott, and himself.  he teaches at San Francisco State.

Arpine Konyalian Grenier’s latest, Part, Part Euphrates comes from NeO Pepper Press.  she’s new to Tucson’s what and how of Monsoon showers, loves axons, wishes she were less sudsier.

Jeff Harrison writes: manes!, marvels the lamb, ’round my face as harps wild ’round the fleece, trod tame, of clouds.

David Highsmith hopes to put up a late stand of rhubarb this year, if the weather breaks and the market holds steady.  if not, he’ll be naming a few more farm ponds after his children’s dead pets.  in the meantime, you’ll find him keeping a stiff upper lip at his award winning store in San Francisco, Books & Bookshelves.

Geof Huth spends most of his nights writing about visual poetry at dbqp: visualizing poetics.  he calls a group of dachshunds an annoyance of same, and knowing his dogs Duck, Max, and Omar would help make clear why.  the poems presented in this issue of Shampoo will appear in his book Longfellow Memoranda, due out this summer from Otoliths.

Scott Inguito lives in San Francisco, works in San Jose, and paints in his garage.  his most recent project is called PANDAFUCK, a suite of poems inspired by the the pointless, the ill-tuned, the black and white of it all.  Scott Inguito drives a silver Toyota Corolla, 35mpg hwy, 30mpg city.

Susanna Kittredge is an office manager at an architectural firm, and sometimes teacher of poetry to kids.  some of her favorite things include: birds, cherry chocolate walnut smiles from Rainbow Grocery, Scrabulous, and lunch-time people-watching in Union Square.  she thinks you should know that she grew up in New England.  her poems in this issue are are both titled after the subject lines of spam emails.

Marie Larson currently writes about whale monsters.  well, sort of, but not completely.  she has a brown striped couch and a dried up orange.  she is an MFA candidate at Naropa University.

Diana Magallón
                    according to The Phillipopolis Notebook:
                    veata in a monte
                    veata veatriix Colorada
                    pedro? In a Monte
                    diana? Colorada Naranja

Hassan Melehy has lived all over the U.S., makes an occasional short film, and loves vegetable gardening.  his verse has appeared or will appear in Borderlands, The Hat, nthposition, and Red Rock Review.  his wife and he have settled in North Carolina, where they soon hope to get a cat.

Philip Metres is a poet whose recent collection, To See the Earth, contains the line: “all junior high I blow-dried the revolt of curls.”  sadly, Frank O’Hara has never yet emerged from his shampoo.  there’s always tomorrow.

Christopher Mulrooney studied at the Prell Institute in Geneva and Alberto Culver University in Puerto Rico.  he has written poems in Beeswax, Guernica, Vanitas, echolocation, The Delinquent, and fourW.

Mark Navarro is a sophomore English and Creative Writing major at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and originally hails from Adrian, Michigan.  he was recently published for the first time in Xylem, the University’s annual literary journal.  his rough and wild hair is tamed daily by sweet, sweet lather.

Michelle Noteboom’s a Michigander who escaped and went to Paris where she’s been hiding out the past 17 years enjoying the finer things of life like cheese and wine.  after sampling the regional vino on a recent trip back to the Midwest, she thinks she’s good for at least another 17 in her adopted country…

Ronald Palmer co-wrote a play, Crystal Christian, with his boyfriend, Kevin Rolston.  a farcical romp through an evangelical ex-gay ministry involving a hypocritical leader who hires a call boy.  the action is guided by a chorus of starlings who speak in verse.  the first public reading will be at The Magic Theatre on July 14th, 2008, as well as three workshop presentations, August 15-17th.  he’s been using Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo from Avalon Organics, which touts their products as “Consciousness in Cosmetics”, which must be a good thing.

Mark Pawlak teaches mathematics at UMass Boston as a means of supporting his poetry habit—on the one hand, inflicting pain; on the other, giving pleasure.

Lanny Quarles.  “thinking of Stanislaw Lem today.  I love my wife, my planet, the solar wind.  I think of NOTHING but consciousness.”

Sean Reagan lives and writes in a house formerly known for its enormous model railroad layout.  as for bread – and poetry – he prefers it first thing in the morning, buttered and hot, with tea.

since the hair went away, Ryan B. Richey uses soap instead of shampoo.  his roommates have shampoo.  every now and then he will squirt out a little for old times’ sake.

Paul Siegell is psyched like a ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL to be the author of Poemergency Room (Otoliths Books, 2008).  “let’s get into the song!”  Paul was recently sitting in the big blind with pocket nines, and *ZEPHYR KAYAK EMBRYO* was written while sitting on a beach, but none a-that has to do with the letter Y.

Kiely Sweatt received her MFA in Poetry from the New School.  shortly thereafter, she fled the country to pursue a bohemian life in Spain, where she has been for the last four months practicing poems in Castellano and teaching English.  she was most recently published in The Why and Later, an anthology of poems edited by Cary Sachs, dealing with issues of rape and violence against women.

Mike Topp’s most recent book is Shorts Are Wrong (Autonomedia).  you can subscribe to his newsletter, Stuyvesant Bee, by emailing him.  SURVEY: DOGBLOGS or BLOGDOGS?

Cat Tyc is a poet/film-maker on the last leg of her West Coast adventure.  it’s not really a secret that she is primarily a pirate.

Zinovy “Zeke” Vayman, Haiku Ambassador to many countries, currently to Turkey.

Josh Wallaert is proprietor of the internet curiosity Webster’s Daily.  he likes maps, glaciers, and Western movies.

Nico Wijaya finds fucshia fedoras chic and candle-lit wine caverns cozy.

Tim Yu cupcake bullwhip giraffe.

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S H A M P O O   32

Jim Behrle is the National Chairman of Edmund Berrigan for President for America for ’08 Campaign.  the latest book he read was Glad Stone Children by Edmund Berrigan.  Jim lives in Brooklyn, New York, the city where Edmund Berrigan also lives.

Bill Berkson is a poet and critic who lives in San Francisco and New York.  his latest books include Gloria (with etchings by Alex Katz); Our Friends Will Pass Among You Silently; a collection of criticism, The Sweet Singer of Modernism & Other Art Writings; What’s Your Idea of a Good Time?: Interviews & Letters 1977-1985, with Bernadette Mayer; Sudden Address: Selected Lectures 1981-2006; and Bill, a words-and-images collaboration with Colter Jacobsen.

longing for an Ohio city even closer to Kentucky, Joshua Butts bought a piece of land in Cheviot.  there, he raises burdock and searches for a free piano.

Todd Colby was recently voted #1.  he keeps a blog called Glee Farm.

the son of white trash asphyxiation, CAConrad is the author of Deviant Propulsion (Soft Skull, 2006), The Book of Frank (Chax, 2008), (Soma)tic Midge (FAUX, 2008), and a collaboration with poet Frank Sherlock, The City Real & Imagined: Philadelphia Poems (Factory School, 2008). He can be found at PhillySound.

Ryan Courtwright hails from Northern California and is a senior at USF presently applying to grad schools.  he’s been working a lot to get a manuscript ready and has had some phenomenal help.  he knows well that all life’s lessons can be learned from Bond films.

Jennifer Dannenberg teaches high school English in Oakland.  she enjoys the rain.

Ian Davisson gets a lot of junk mail.  he doesn’t get a lot of hugs and kisses.  puppydogs are nice too.  check his alternate bios at other websites.

Melissa DeGezelle was once snapped nanny, now nine months pregnant and losing her hair.  she is attempting to finish her MFA at Brooklyn College before it all falls out.  fucking hormones.  shampoo doesn’t help.  maybe baby will.

Amanda Deutch is a poet, whose work has appeared in various online and print journals including Watchword, Barrow Street, and 580 Split.  peripatetic for the last two years, Deutch was most recently living in France and Portugal.  her new book, a noir detective poem, is seeking a publisher.  upon returning to the United States, she was disappointed to see so many television sets, self help books, and condominiums.  she really hates condos.

Melissa Dickey enjoys the close observation of insects and other live phenomena.  she lives in New Orleans.

Claire Donato recently moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Oakland, California to be an unpaid intern.  she does not miss the East Coast’s snow and ice.  Claire is a contributing editor for The New Yinzer, a character in I Think We Should See Other People, and a mediocre-but-enthusiastic knitter.

Deja Earley. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yuri Hospodar lives in Australia among the fairy penguins and death adders.  thus far he has survived.

Aby Kaupang could not choose a format for her bio so she google-ed one and it said she should not be bland and should always use the third person.  she promises to give you five Boggs dollars (homemade) if you write a good one for her.

Kevin Killian has written two novels, Shy and Arctic Summer, and “A—Z Story” comes from a third, Spread Eagle, which he started in 1990 and is trying to wrap up in a hurry.

reviews by Jack Kimball appear in Talisman, Verse, The Poetry Project Newsletter, as well as Pantaloons.  he edits Faux Press, and plans to release a half dozen chapbooks later this year.

Rodney Koeneke is the author of Musee Mechanique (BlazeVOX, 2006) and Rouge State (Pavement Saw, 2003).  he lives and rinses in Portland, Oregon with Lesley Poirier and their son Auden.

fears include paint chips, cleverness, SASEs, tabloids, poetry, people who are reading this, and, of course, conditioners, if used improperly, which they invariably are.  oh, yes, Patrick Lawler.  if Googled, other Patrick Lawlers will appear, and they are not this Patrick Lawler, who shampoos each hair individually with attention to every follicle.  he thinks he’s said too much.

Bill Luoma is a writer living in Berkeley, California.  his book is called Works and Days.

Cassie Lewis is a poet living in Rochester, New York.  she enthuses about Philip Whalen there even more than she did in California.

Mama-K has a non-sexual fetish with cows — and she doesn’t mean your mama.  “gay men smell good.”  she plans to own a franchise of massage parlors with her earnings.  she likes kindly staring at people.

okay, okay, so Nick McRae is not actually an anarchist, but he thought about it once.  he wanted to get a mohawk, but his mom wouldn’t let him.  he has left graffiti at DIAGRAM, Stirring, Death Metal Poetry, and elsewhere.  leave him nasty messages here.

K. Silem Mohammad is a very important poet writing in the tradition of the Provencal Numismatists, who flourished in El Salvador in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  he has seven toes on each foot.  are you the person who is driving me to the airport on Thursday?  look, an upside-down waterfall!

Heather Anne Mullins lives in Astoria, New York with her cats Envy and River (deadly sin; dead actor).  guitar sounds move her most.

Eileen Myles is 58 years old, lives in LA for one more month and will soon (March) head back to New York.  she’s in New York right now and can hear mild honking out the window.  it’s cold.  her cat’s name is Ernie.

Mark O’Hara whistles in such high pitches that cats come running.  a kisser of the Blarney Stone, he now cuts down trees with a large German man.

Daniel C. Remein’s poems can be read in Sidebrow, and are forthcoming in Sentence 6.  you can read other things he writes, about teaching and researching literature at this blog.  he rides around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on a bright red aluminum Cannondale road bicycle with white handlebar tape.

Rebecca Rubin recently completed her MFA at California College of the Arts.  when she is not writing, she makes books and drawings and explores Los Angeles.  she is also hard at work winnowing her entire wardrobe down to a small folded pile of four colors.

John Sakkis plays the PSR-s700, is a fan of rollerblading, and spends most of his days in a warehouse in the Lower Haight.

Siel went on a 3-day juice cleanse for the new year.  her next challenge is to stick to a strict 2 glasses of wine maximum (per night) until this issue of SHAMPOO officially launches.  read her blog to find out if she made it.

Erika Staiti is fairly content in life, despite her blogless existence.

Jordan Stempleman is not a tall man.  he maintains a weight of 145 lbs. on a diet that consists of eggs, Hy-Vee’s potatoes o’brien, Tabasco sauce, buffets, boiled shrimp, chicken piccata, mince and tatties, brussels sprouts, and cinnamon rolls.

Naomi Tarle is an MFA student at Boise State University.  she writes her poetry on old manual typewriters and collects broken Polaroid cameras from cheap thrift shops.

Mathew Timmons does this.

Kim Vodicka is a translator of backward words reflected by pupils.  mike accident, oversight, a total snot art for drunken cabs, drove determined, safer by slip-ups.

Michael J. Wilson wishes the epic poem would have a renaissance.  he lives and works in Brooklyn and is finishing his work on an MFA at the New School.

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S H A M P O O   12

Meredith Alexander is a California-born, Chicago-raised writer, editor, and poet who recently left her beloved San Francisco for the quiet of nearby suburbia – and somehow managed to move in just below the neighborhood’s only amateur jam band.  she’s currently founding a society for the emancipation of electric guitars.

Anne Babson was nominated by The Haight Ashbury Literary Journal for a 2001 Pushcart for a poem about her conception in the suburbs of San Francisco.  she lives in New York now, where both the martinis and the irony get mixed dryer and served up colder than they do in California.  her poetry has won prizes and has appeared in numerous journals, including Atlanta Review, Red Rock Review, The Madison Review, Grasslands Review, Left Curve, and many others.

Ann Barrett was a hairdresser before becoming a writer of both essays and poems.  “to be a truly successful hairstylist,” she says, “not only must one have a degree in Psychiatry, one must also give a wicked shampoo.”  although this is the first public appearance of Ann’s visual art (other than on heads), her writing has appeared in various publications, including but not limited to Many Mountains Moving, Archipelago, Culturefront, and The Caribbean Writer.

Jim Behrle dreams of you from Brookline, Massachusetts where he edits can we have our ball back? — a cheap knockoff of SHAMPOO.

Joel Chace has published more than a dozen collections of poetry, online and in print.  he is currently Poet In Residence at Mercersburg Academy, in Pennsylvania, and is Poetry Editor of 5_Trope Magazine.  as a jazz/blues keyboardist, he has developed a recent appreciation for The Stylistics and for Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.

MTC Cronin has had seven books of poetry published and another is forthcoming in 2003.  she likes shampoo.  her children have head lice!

Denise Duhamel’s most recent poetry collection is Queen for a Day:  Selected and New Poems (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2001).  currently an assistant professor at Florida International University in Miami, she worked in her teens and twenties at two different shoe stores (long ago—when you still had to put the shoes on the customer’s feet!).  she uses Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner.

Amit Dwibedy is a poet from India who currently resides in Iowa City.  he is trying to get his chapbook, the (O) Poems published, while working on his second chapbook and waiting tables at a diner.  he recently shaved his head, and needs to get rid of gels, shampoos, and such.

Michael Farrell is happy eating chicken curry or swimming in the dubious bay (he doesn’t put his head under, and the poetic phrase ‘fecal matter’ laps with the attempted waves). this is the day … (the the).

Vernon Frazer spent twenty-six years as a political prisoner in an ultra-minimum-security government bureaucracy, where he disguised his poetry and fiction as grant applications and evaluation reports.  now writing in the open and living on government reparations, he eagerly awaits his wife’s release.

Carmen Gimenez-Rosello lives in a pink studio in Oakland.  her poems will be appearing soon in Chicago Review and Near South.

unbeknownst to David Hess, he is the author of something in the ‘Manifesto Issue’ of Exquisite Corpse.  other recent and upcoming publications include things in Readme, The Possum Pouch, Delmar, VeRT, BoogCity, @tached Document and the Buffalo Poetics List.  yesterday he had a gastro-spiritual experience while watching Alec Baldwin’s riveting performance in Pearl Harbor.

Barbara Johnson and her dog recently spent several lovely evenings in a cabin at Sheepdung Estates.  today she is wearing a polyester shirt.

Susan Landers edits Pom2 and lives in Brooklyn.  she likes good hair.

Cassie Lewis has started using Nature’s Gate conditioner and shampoo.  it really works.  buy some today.

Adrian Matejka is currently on faculty at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  he lives in a house at the edge of town with painted wood panelling.

Kate Middleton lives in Melbourne.  she is addicted to Boarding School books, though she is missing most titles from Eleanor Brent-Dyer’s Chalet School series (donations welcome).  she recently slept in front of the National Library, Canberra while waiting to get into an exhibition at 2 a.m.

Ange Mlinko is interested in the scholarship of Susan Stewart, the “18 October 1977” series by Gerhard Richter on view at MOMA, the music of the Spears, and other highly constructed things.  her book of poems is Matinees (Zoland Books).

K. Silem Mohammad has one photo of himself on the web (spycam shots excluded, of course).  can you find it?

Murray Moulding lives five miles away from a forest fire in Colorado.  his new work is appearing in Shiny and Columbia Poetry Review, and the online journals can we have our ball back? and poethia.

after washing his hair, Billy X. O’Brien gets it cut by Jon at the Barbershop Deluxe in Boston.  lately, you can find Billy sitting naked in a tub with his head full of suds, reading either Ben Marcus’s Notable American Women or Samuel Delany’s The Mad Man.  when he isn’t washing his hair he toys with his web disease project named Load.

Barbara Jane Reyes is thrilled to have poems in Interlope and can we have our ball back?.  she has recently discovered Aussie Moist Shampoo and Conditioner for Thirsty and Distressed Hair has done wonders for her!  she is also a sentimental fool.

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino has a degree in philosophy from Fordham University, which has especially prepared him for doing the laundry, washing the dishes, making the bed, and cleaning the litter box.  his second love, next to housework, is music (he is especially fond of Berio, Glass, Glenn Gould, and James Bernard – go figure), and in his next life he plans to be a composer.  stripped of all illusions at an early age, he finds poetry, housework and music to be the only guilt-free things a man can do.  he lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Suzy Saul lives with elephants in her living room.

Michael Schiavo is a freelance writer whose prose has appeared in Northeast magazine, who has poetry in the second issue of Tight, an up-and-coming literary journal, and is currently working on a novel about true love, Jack Daniel’s, and penguins.  he really loves melons.  all kinds: watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe.  he resides in Manchester, Connecticut and has been a fellowship recipient 10 years running at the annual Michael Schiavo Writers’ Conference as well as being short-listed for numerous awards such as the Michael Schiavo Lifetime Achievement in Poetry Prize for lifetime achievement in poetry.

Brandon Shimoda attended nursery school at the International School of Brussels in Belgium, where he ate four strips of bacon every day for lunch.  he also eats more than his share of meatballs and bread.  recent writing/work can be found in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Night Rally, La Petite Zine, and on

Lauren Shufran is an English/Media Studies major at the University at Buffalo where she hopes to eventually get her PhD in the poetics program.  when she’s not writing she works on her favorite pastimes, which include puddle-jumping, long road trips with all the car windows rolled down, and playing practical jokes on her housemates (which keeps her young).  she hopes to ultimately be a professor.

Hazel Smith works in the areas of poetry, experimental writing, performance, multi-media work, and hypertext.  her latest print volume is Keys Round Her Tongue: short prose, poems and performance texts (Soma Publications, 2000).  she has just moved to Canberra and is enjoying the fabulous views of the bush.  check out her website.

Gary Sullivan never used to have allergies; however, this year, he is having trouble breathing, his “allergies” are so bad.  what’s up with that?  he can’t stop listening to Najwa Karam, the greatest living Lebanese singer of All Time (according to Gary).

Kenneth Tanemura is a fourth generation Japanese American haiku and tanka and open form poet.  he has published poems at can we have our ball back?, Bamboo Ridge, Interlope, and The Seattle Review.

Mike Topp was born in Washington, D.C.  he currently lives in New York City, unless he has died or moved.  his most recent book, I Used to Be Ashamed of My Striped Face, can be ordered from elimae books.

Andy Weaver lives way north, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where 20cm (8 inches) of snow just fell in mid-April; “hey, sometimes cliches are true,” he says.  his poems will be appearing shortly in evergreen: six new poets (Black Moss Press).  although “fairly young,” he has no hair anymore…but he does have “very fond memories of shampoo.”

Nick Whittock is a slight man who has numerous cricket bats under his supervision.

Les Wicks’ latest of six books is Appetites of Light (Presspress, 2002).  despite the usual delusion/love and absence of “take yourself seriously”, his continued attachment to poetry would be enhanced immensely by purchase of same!  he’s performed at festivals, schools, prisons, etc., runs workshops across Australia, and is editor of Meuse Press which focuses on poetry outreach projects.

in Ian Randall Wilson’s daily life he verifies the correct spellings of the Roach Wranglers on MGM’s movies.  otherwise, he is the managing editor of the poetry journal 88.  recent work has appeared in The Alaska Quarterly Review, Spinning Jenny and Spork.  his first fiction collection, Hunger and Other Stories, was published by Hollyridge Press.

Kirby Wright teaches and writes in San Diego County.  he lives near Camp Pendelton and witnesses the preparations for war on a daily basis.

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